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5 High School Reunion Flyer Templates

A high school reunion is always a good time to come back and remember some of the formative development years that occur just before college or moving away from home. It’s a chance to catch up with old friends, avoid old enemies, or just skip the event altogether to wander through a home town some haven’t seen in a decade or more. To promote a high school reunion effectively and on a budget, these flyer templates will help you send the right message to your alumni. Take a few moments to examine the showcase below.

1. Bright Hub

If you’re looking for a high school reunion flyer template that is easy to fill out and includes registration information for attendees, then this is the place you’re going to want to be. The footer is perforated so that bottom section can be cut out as an RSVP. There’s plenty of room for announcements and the details of the party and the template itself is simple, yet beautiful even when printed from a home printer. It’s definitely a time saver.


2. Reunion Wording

One of the biggest struggles that people have when coming up with a reunion flyer isn’t the graphics to use in the template, but the wording that should be used. This template will help you get the words down correctly so that the most people possible will want to attend the event. Many alumni keep their class reunion invitations as a memento, so enjoy these wording templates for your new high school class reunion.

Reunion Wording

3. Purple Trail

This template is one of the best high school reunion templates that is on the internet right now. It’s classic, beautiful, and reminiscent of the graduation announcements that were sent out all those years ago. This one isn’t a free template, but it is fully customizable and you can go with triple thick paper that’s 350 pound matte stock if you really want to make a stunning impression. You can include unlimited photos, texts, and embellishments with this template so that you have the absolutely perfect design to send out.

Purple Trail

4. Hoover Web Design

If you’re looking for a free printable option for your high school reunion flyer template, then this is the right option for you. There are a number of easy to implement designs that are all on the .pdf format so that you can choose the best one that works for you. From a basic design with a gray paisley background to a solitary red rose, you’ll be able to find the right design that works well on a limited reunion budget.

Hoover Web Design

5. Evite

This premium invitation from evite could be the best flyer template of all. It’s simple in it’s design, but boy is it effective. Just plug in your specific school details, when the reunion is going to be, and you’re ready to print it out. It costs less than the price of a stamp as a premium design and in return, you’ll get a lot of smiles in response when your alumni see this flyer.