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5 Canned Food Drive Flyer Templates

Did you know that a food bank is able to provide a family of three with meals for an entire week for less than $10? One of the most effective ways to feed those who are in need is to run a canned food drive for your local food bank or distributor to those in need. Canned foods have longer shelf lives and so can be stored for some time without spoiling. With flyer templates such as you’ll see in the showcase below, helping the hungry in your community has never been so easy.

1. Humanitarian Service Project

If you’re looking for a print and go type of flyer for your drive, then the link below will have you covered. Not only does this canned food drive flyer template offer you the stats that people need in order to propel them towards a donation, but there’s also a list of needed items that go beyond the canned pumpkin and cherry pie filling that is so commonly donated. You can also use these templates as a model for your own unique food bank if you prefer.


2. PixGood

This website has access to a number of quality food bank templates that will help get your creativity started. You can download the templates and alter them on your own, have print and go options that will allow you to get going in just seconds, and it’s all done for free. There are a number of great options here, including those from national cartoons like the Family Circus, so check out the link and pick the template the works best for you.



Using Microsoft Word as the basis of your template, this AFAC canned food drive template is really easy to manipulate because all you’ve really got to do is change the text of the document to make it fit your needs. If you want to remove the AFAC logo and replace it with your own, that takes just a couple seconds of time. There are also additional flyers here that will help you get reusable bags and an overall food drive that focuses on fresh foods as well.


4. Bright Hub

For a quality canned food drive template that is completely free, you’ll want to consider this option. There’s a number of different areas that can be altered in this template so that you can send your unique message to your community. There’s room for sponsor logos as well if you wish, coupons from partners who might offer a discount for a food bank donation, and lots of space for contact info if someone has some questions. It’s designed specifically to help you drive the cause home with its blocks of text, so take advantage of this template today.


5. PTO Today

What is really great about this canned food drive template is that it’s not your standard template. It’s a form letter instead, stylized to send home with kids to give to their parents. Use this as a means to get people involved on a person level, either by going door to door with these letters, handing them out at work, or even including them with a bulletin at your local church or place of worship.

PTO Today