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5 Potluck Flyer Templates

There’s nothing like having a potluck to enjoy some time together with family and friends. These benefits haven’t gone unnoticed by the business world either because when food is involved, people tend to loosen up, interact more, and even be more creative. If you’re looking to plan a potluck for an upcoming church event, business gathering, or neighborhood party, these are the best templates the internet has to offer right now. Take a look through the showcase below.

1. Printable Flyer Templates – http://www.printableflyertemplates.net

The simple design of this potluck flyer template is what makes it such a beautiful flyer. The information is separated out into four distinct blocks of content so that people can quickly review the data and know all of the details of the event in just a glance. It’s available in a .doc format and there’s a border included with zig-zags of yellow with blue dots to encourage the reader to look at the data even more. You also can’t beat the fact that it is free.


2. Evite – http://www.postmark.com

At the cost of less than a stamp per guest, this potluck flyer template is an affordable way to generate a premium end product for your promotional needs. The design is still simple and elegant, but the quality of the graphics has been upped by 100%. Manipulating the text so that the event details meet your needs is easy to do and you’ve got space for your contact details too. You can even edit this template in your browser.


3. Inviteland – http://www.inviteland.info

If you want a more kid-friendly potluck template because of the households you’re planning on inviting, then this is the free download for you. There’s just enough room to add in your specific contact details and what attendees can expect to see if they come to the potluck. The sun in the graphics looks like he’s having a good time with some hot dogs and hamburgers and all of the text is easy to change so that you can keep the formatting.


4. Stock Layots – http://www.stocklayouts.com

In some communities, potlucks are more of a seasonal event that coincides with the harvest. Everyone comes together to share the bounty that they’ve received and that’s what this beautiful template will help you to promote. There’s space for any special events that you’re planning on having with your potluck and the dates/times are included in an attractive banner underneath your preferred graphic. Celebrate the season in style.


5. Graphic River – http://graphicriver.net

This template from Graphic River gives you the option of turning your potluck into a summer barbecue. There’s space to put in all your contact details and enough room to encourage people to bring their own dish to pass along and share. You can even put in social media links to pages you might have created for the event, which is especially useful for church and business events.