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5 Summer Camp Flyer Templates

When school lets out for the summer, it’s time for the kids to have fun! One of the tried and true ways to make summer a memorable experience is to attend Summer Camp. For a week or longer, kids get to camp with other kids under the supervision of a counselor and experience some good times playing games, going swimming, and getting involved with the outdoors. In order to get parents aware of your camp, a marketing flyer can quickly get across all of your key points with ease. Here are the best summer camp flyer templates that can make this happen for you.

1. Stock Layouts

One of the most common forms of summer camp in the world today is a soccer or football camp. If you’re running this kind of sports camp, then this flyer template is perfect for you. Not only is there a lot of space for you to put in your key details, but there’s also an attached registration form that will let parents sign up their kids directly from the flyer itself. It works as a tri-fold or a standalone option and has stunning graphics that will make kids want to get out and play.


2. Graphic River

One of the headaches that comes with layered PSD templates is that they utilize fonts that you may not have. That’s not the case with this summer camp flyer template. It only uses the free and standard fonts and it is fully editable so that you can get your details correct. There’s a place for sponsors if you have them and lots of places for your images to be used so that fun can be emphasized visually and not just through words. There are three design variations included too.

Graphic River

3. Printable Flyer Templates

For a free summer camp flyer template, this one gets the job done pretty efficiently. It comes to you in a .doc format that works across all word processing programs that accept the file format. The graphics are bright and sunny and you’ve got lots of reasons to promote why kids should get out and camp this season. There’s a place for testimonial sentences if you want and don’t forget the contact information at the footer of the template.

Printable Flyer Templates

4. Layout Ready

For a summer camp flyer template that looks incredibly professional, this Word and Publisher template will do everything you want it to do. Insert your own images from camp, include a quality tagline that will grab everyone’s attention, and fill in the details about why your camp will provide kids with the lasting memories that parents want them to have. Friendships, fun, and adventure – that’s what this template will provide you.

Layout Ready

5. Zazzle

Who doesn’t love camp? That’s what this template will communicate to everyone who sees it. You can fully customize this template online and have it professionally printed on 80 pound paper for an excellent first impression. It’s also got 50% recycled content so you won’t be cutting down lots of trees either! It’s a two-sided flyer as well and can be printed for as low as $0.38 per flyer.