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5 Talent Show Flyer Templates

If you’re putting on a talent show, you’re going to need some talent to put on display, right? How do you recruit performers to take the stage on your behalf? And how can you get people talking about your event in a cost effective way? One of the most affordable marketing efforts you can begin is through the use of a talent show flyer template. The best templates are easy to edit and will make your talent show look like a million bucks. This showcase highlights the best that the internet has to offer right now.

1. Graphic River

This layered PSD template is perfect for your talent show and features great graphics in 300 DPI CMYK. It’s ready to print straight from the file and all you’ve got to do is alter the text in the template to meet your needs. You have four places to introduce your own graphics if you wish and there’s space in the footer for your contact information and email. You’ll need to put your own images in as the primary, but that’s a pretty simple task in Adobe.


2. PTO Today

If you’re a school or a youth group who is putting on a talent show, your marketing efforts can’t just stop at this free template. You’re going to need some other documents to make sure event is a success, such as a volunteer form, a permission slip, and a participation form that limits your liability in case an injury happens. This template is really easy to modify – just put in your specific text, insert images if you wish, and you’re ready to print it out.

PTO Today

3. Printable Flyer Templates

Even those this talent show template is a bit basic when it comes to design and graphics, you can’t deny how effective it is at getting your point across. All you’ve got to do is insert the details of your event and your flyer is ready to go! You can modify the template for text if you need to use it and you can substitute the musicians in the clipart for your own image for a more customized look if you prefer. Otherwise it take less than 2 minutes to get this flyer ready to be printed.

Talent Show Flyer

4. Clip Art Logo

For a really great flyer template, you’ll want to check out the link below. You’ve got a lot of customization options here that will let you quickly make one of the most exciting flyers anyone has ever seen for your upcoming talent show! You’ll need Vector in order to modify this template, however, so it may not be suitable for everyone. Overall, however, you won’t find an easier to modify, stunning example of what a template can do for modern marketing through flyers than this.

ClipArt Logo

5. Office Live

This free template from Microsoft might just be the easiest way to design a good flyer for your talent show. It opens up with PowerPoint and you can even modify it online if you have an MSN account. If you don’t, getting one is free! You simply fill in the details based on where the text is already located in this template and you can change the colors to meet your needs as well. If you’ve got headliners, there’s space for that too.

Microsoft Flyer