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5 Top Notch Joomla Auction Templates

One of the most effective and exciting ways to buy and sell on the internet today is through an online auction. It’s a way for customers to get a really good deal and it helps sellers be able to get rid of extra items they may not want or need any more. Businesses use auctions to drum up brand recognition and there are many penny auction sites that generate revenues with a pay-per-bid format. What is the best way to accomplish this? Through the use of a top notch Joomla auction template.

1. Reverse Auction Factory – http://reverse-auctions.thefactory.ro/

In this type of auction, the roles of the buyer and the seller are reversed. It’s typically used in a business-to-business type of environment, but you’re starting to see it creep into the common marketplace these days as well. The purpose is to drive down prices, like a bidding process, and sellers compete to get your business. This template will help you get quotes in real time via a dynamic bidding process that will help you drive more results, especially for freelancers.

Reverse Auction Factory

2. Auction Factory – http://auction-factory.html

This template works for all Joomla versions and it supports all of your basic auction types you’d like to have on a site. There’s also proxy bidding and buy it now options, as well as private auctions that contained a electronic version of a sealed envelope. The template is fully customizable and it doesn’t take a lot of coding knowledge to get the job done. It’s simple, looks good from the start, and offers a plethora of revenue streams to a webmaster.

Auction Factory

3. Raffle Factory – http://raffle-factory-tombola-extension.html

Raffles are popular around the world because it offers people the chance to get a fantastic price for a very small investment. Even non-profit organizations are utilizing raffles these days to help raise money for their programs. What this Joomla template will help you do is recreate the effects of a raffle ticket, but over the internet on your own server. The tickets can be chosen by random thanks to the included script, but there is an option for the webmaster to select a ticket from the list as well. If chosen manually, no ticket details are shown to prevent fraud.

Raffle Factory

4. TPLancer – http://www.templateplazza.com/

This Joomla auction template will help you create your own project marketplace where work can get done by freelancers. It offers a forum for private messaging, avatars, and user reviews. Funds can be deposited via Paypal or escort payments and special users or featured projects can be highlighted to help drive revenues. Revenue streams can come from sales percentages, commissions or other methods based on what your personal preferences happen to be.


5. The eBay Factory Module – http://ebay_factory.html

This template helps a user search through specific auctions that have been placed by your organization on eBay. It is integrated with the major eBay domains, including many of the international bidding sites that are in use. It won’t provide you with your own listings on your own website, but it is an effective way to drive users toward your eBay listings and have them even bid on them from your site if they have an eBay account.

The eBay Factory Module