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5k Flyer Templates

For running enthusiasts, participating in a 5k run is a great goal to have that requires motivation and lots of training. For beginning runners, a 5k is a great first time experience that can take only a couple of months to prepare for. These types of competitions do not require endurance training and is low end impact. Many events are organized for charity to raise money and awareness with certain causes. The following 5k flyer templates are easily accessible and can be modified to fit your needs.

1. Joes Hope

Joseph’s Hope is a nonprofit foundation that works to help families with adoption expenses. Their sample 5k template consists of the vital information such as date,, location, and envelope to easily send out during their marketing efforts. Their registration form is information is also located on this file allowing you to see similar tools you can use for raising awareness for your own cause.

Joes Hope

2. The Flyer Lab

This site makes it convenient for those that may want to have their flyers delivered straight to their home. With a quick turnaround, design services are available for those that lack creativity. Otherwise, you can use their site to search through many style flyers and templates, and have your items delivered overnight preventing you from having to be printing them yourself. This option is both time and cost efficient.

The Flyer Lab

3. Poster My Wall

This template is listed on poster my wall and provides the basic 5k competition information as well as torn off registration information for participants. You can view the flyer on the site and customize online or share with your friends through the internet.

Poster My Wall

4. Microsoft Office

This template is easily downloadable to any Word software and allows for editing of basic information. A single page includes four flyers and is compatible with Word 2007 or later. This simple blue border is elegant, allowing the basic customizable text to be the focal point of getting the word out.

Microsoft Office

5. Top 20 Sites

This website provides a selection of template sites that offer a variety of flyer options that can be modified for many events to include a 5k run. Just be sure to include the date, time, location, and contact information on the flyer so participants know who to contact and where to go for additional information.

Top 20 Sites