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5 Cruise Flyer Templates

Thinking about traveling to the Caribbean or taking a cruise in the Mediterranean? Many special occasions and events can occur when traveling on the water. If you want to help spread the word, the following cruise flyers are easily accessible and modified to meet your individual needs. Here is a listing of some of the best sites to get cruise flyer templates from.

1. Zazzle

This site offers low cost options for purchasing templates ranging from $.50 to a dollar for each design. These easily customizable templates allow you to share the location, date, and time of the event. Purchase the quantity desired, shipping right to your door. Much of the paper options contain more than 50% recycled content. You also have the option to upload your own photos and graphics during the customization phase.


2. StockLayouts

These readymade designs serve as a perfect marketing compilation for your cruise event. These can be easily downloaded into a variety of programs for further customization such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Microsoft Publisher and Word. These flyer templates are no fold and sized to 8.5×11, a half page size, and quarter page size.

Stock Layouts

3. 123RF

This site provides stock vectors for its users that are easily downloadable in .jpg and .eps format. These allow a variation of print sizes such as a 6 inch size width upwards to an 11 inch width. All images and flyers located on this site are considered to be royalty free.


4. Signazon

These flyers are perfect for templates of cruise and destination events. Choose from a variety of travel and tropical destination styles. Sizes and quantities can be selected by the user with many more options available such as 2 sided designs. Free shipping is offered after certain pricing limits make it more convenient and cost efficient for the user.


5. Loyalty ToYou Always

These simple cruise templates are easy to customize, download, and design yourself. Choose from either a one column or two column design for your flyer and download. These are previewed in a .pdf format and can be converted over to many other file types to suit your individual needs.