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6 Happy Hour Flyer Templates

After a hard week of work, many people want to reward themselves with a happy hour celebration. This is a great idea for those that want to blow off steam and celebrate with the coworkers they enjoy. When planning a happy hour, include a mix of people and keep in mind that it is intended to be a social event. Choosing a bar or restaurant that appeals to a wide arrange of coworkers is best. Promote with flyers by using one of these free happy hour templates to spread the word.

1. Must Have Menus

This site offers a wide selection of happy hour templates that are easily downloadable and customizable. Print directly through the website for a low cost or publish on your mobile page. These templates are sized to a standard paper size and allow images and content to be edited on their site.


2. Printable Flyer Template

This happy hour template is nicely decorated with a martini theme and is downloadable at no cost. Intended to include the basic location, time, and hour information, it serves the direct purpose you want. Add in a listing of drinks and pricing so people can plan their budget ahead of time and let them know what will be offered at a discount. Download into Word or Adobe Acrobat for printing.


3. Poster My Wall

This website offers poster editing software to easily edit your template by adding photos, text, changing the background and downloading onto your computer. Save drafts to go back to later or share via your social networks. You can even purchase through their site if you want to save time with printing yourself.


4. Dribble

This happy hour beer template is perfect for those looking to promote a happy hour featuring special beer offerings. This can be downloaded into a .psd file and easily customizable by layers. With a modern appeal and clean neutral colors, your upcoming promotion will be easily noticed.


5. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Online offers their own selection of free downloadable templates for happy hour. You can edit the title, location, date, time, and include RSVP information. Made to be used by Publisher, dazzle your template up by adding a few pictures and directions.

Microsoft Office

6. Behance

This awesome styled framed template is perfect for Photoshop savvy people who look to edit their template by layers. Place the promo information in the middle with location on the bottom. The date and time is situated at the top to let people immediately know when they can participate in the festivities.