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7 Free Band Flyer Templates

Designing a band flyer requires that two primary dynamics are reached. The first of these is the creative concept of the design and emotion being relayed to the viewer. The second part of the design is the mechanics and method used to advertise and sell the event. Make sure to include all of the vital information for the event, location, time, and distribute coordinating soliciting material such as stickers, postcards, and more. In your flyer, identify your key selling points such as a headlining other known bands that will be performing and mentioning other promotions that may be occurring during that time. To make your planning process easier, the below free band flyer templates can be easily accessed and will help to provide you with an effective template to start with.

1. Poster My Wall

This website provides a robust collection of concert and band related templates to customize. With an easy ability to download based on your print size, artistic tools are also made available to help customize and increase your templates visual appeal to meet the needs of your event. Modification tools include adding photos, clipart, text, changing backgrounds, and more. Share or download with ease or purchase as a poster.

Poster My Wall

2. Band Robot

This site offers a handful of free downloadable Photoshop files and backgrounds that can be used for your band flyer. Simply add details to your design and layer with ease before downloading. Several styles and combinations can be found here that offer a wide selection on a single page.


3. Flyer Heroes

Offering an array of free band templates to download, dozens of styles can be found on this site. Many of these options are temporarily offered for free, that are otherwise considered to be premium styled design. This template is available for use with Photoshop and serves as a great design for gig flyers, indie nights, and pub band events.


4. Publisher Flyers

For those that feel more confident with Microsoft, this template is perfect to modify in MS Publisher and is sizeable to A4 for larger size flyers. The photo is considered to be the main component of this design, allowing the text and important details to be placed and group together elsewhere on the flyer. Easily print with heavy duty commercial printers at home, Kinko’s, or Office Depot.


5. All Free Download

A selection of images and clip art are vastly available on this site provided a wide selection of template options. Match colors and design elements to contrast the end design and style of the flyer. In the end, just add text that includes the basic information such as performance bands, date, time, location, and costs for admissions or drink specials.


6. Print River

Available for both free personal and commercial use, the below colorful template is downloadable and accessibly in a Photoshop CS4 format. Easily edit the layers of the individual files and print for distribution.


7. Dezine Guide

More than a half dozen band flyers are made available on this site. Available in a PSD file to edit, a zip read me file is also included to help the user along the way. Gain quick access to download by simple sharing by one of the buttons on the site.

Dezine Guide