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7 Restaurant Flyers Templates

Many restaurants may find themselves in a situation to promote a local event of featured menu in a store window to publicize what is happening behind their doors. Whether it is a special event or live music that you are planning, the below restaurant flyer templates can be a perfect fit for your theme.

1. Must Have Menus

This poster size flyer sits at 11×17 inches and is perfect for advertising special events, food festivals, and more. Easily modify and customize through their sites online Menu Editor and publicize on a site or print your own to share. A variety of other style restaurant flyer templates are also made available for special promotions, karaoke events, and theme foods such as vegetarian.


2. Poster My Wall

These varieties of customizable templates help to showcase your business and offer an assortment of print sizes. Customize the image and text easily with their online editor and allow you to download and print yourself or purchase through their own website for convenience. Choose from more than a dozen styles and designs.


3. PSD Bird

This free hotel menu card and PSD flyer template is a great option for those that edit with Photoshop or other programs that can handle layered files. With high resolution, this flyer is highlighted with simple design colors that showcase the restaurant logo and promotions. Download at a click of a button and start editing now.


4. Free Design File

Download this EPS file quickly and easily to start customize today. Other free vector theme templates and PSD files are available on this site to choose from. This is a perfect option for tose looking to do minor editing and feature food deals for your business.


5. Free PSD File

This PSD file is suitable for all types of eateries and cafes. With this template available in PSD now, you can customize your template as needed to suit your individual needs. A front, back, and inner page template is all included. Sized extra large at an A5 page size.


6. Tempees

Download this A5 size template flyer that features buyer specials and your business logo. Advertise a local event or weekend special by including an image of the dish and offer discount. Available in a .PSD file format you can easily customize as needed.


7. Template.net

With free premium template styles available to download, these are perfect options for your restaurant to announce special discounts and new dishes. These are powered by HTML5 and CSS3, made available to the user for free. View demo, download, or share your flyer.