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8 Indesign Envelope Template

When it comes to operating a business, having a brand and logo design that is included on all letterheads and envelopes can prove to be advantageous. Customizing your envelope is just one simple way to get your name out among the general populace. This is especially important when it comes to direct mailings. Having the right size envelope that accompanies your design is equally important. Here is a listing of sites where you can find free envelope templates in more than a dozen sizes and various formats.

1. Greener Printer

Greener Printer
Thiese template designs for envelopes allow you to crop and trim your marks, bleed the area to which you want to extend your design and fold the marks. When used with InDesign, be sure to place the item under full resolution and high quality display to show your work in high resolution. Download your envelope template in a variety of sizes ranging from catalog to A7 size and a #10 envelope size

2. Hopkins Printing

Hopkins Printing
On this site you can find an envelope template for some of the most commonly used sizes. Templates can be used in InDesign and QuarkXPress file formats or be viewed in Adobe PDF. Ranging from commercial size to catalog, you can start designing your envelope in just a few clicks of the mouse.

3. Metcalf Design & Printing Center

Metcalf Printing
A collection of downloadable template files for InDesign are available on this site. Each template additionally includes a .pdf and .jpeg file. Easily bleed lines, cut lines, and set safety margins with these templates. A tutorial on how to perform this is also made available on their site.

4. Best Printing Online

Best Printing Online
With a half dozen envelope templates available on this site, you can find the measurements for each one outlined by width and height or number size. Several templates are also available that account for envelopes that have windows as a part of their design. No matter your needs, you can download from the most popular envelope types and sizes at a single click of a button. Set bleed lines, actual trim size, and safety margins.

5. Premier Graphics

Premier Graphics
With a single click of a button, a variety of folding and envelope templates are available on this site for Adobe PDF and InDesign templates. All .PDF files can also be used in Adobe Illustrator for design. At this site alone, you can find more than a dozen templates to choose from for your project.

6. Cedar Graphics

Cedar Graphics
Easily locate a standard #9 envelope template for your direct mail project. This can also be used for customizing a personalized envelope or creating a full color envelope for your business. Included in the files are the appropriate measurements that are needed for window and non window envelope styles.

7. Indexx

Choose from a variety of template options for your direct mailing and local marketing initiative. From brochures to envelope templates, these are available in various formats ranging from InDesign to .pdf and .jpeg. Postcard mailers and booklets are also downloadable from this site for InDesign users.

8. Design Freebies

This envelope template file made available on Design Freebies include four different designs targeted towards a specific industry and business. From a yoga fitness studio to an architectural firm and food and beverage company, find a template that is already designed for your business. All files also come with matching letterheads and business cards.