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6 Best Audio Player WordPress Plugins

Countless of bloggers are using WP for goof reasons. WordPress is well known blogging software that provides unique functionalities and feature to bloggers. WP plugins are made by developers to address user’s needs accordingly and perfectly. One of which is audio player plugins. It’s very ideal for sites to have audio player since this make it more lively and unique. Most visitors prefer site or blogs that possess audio player since this allow them, to have easier access to what the blog or site is all about. Below are the most popular audio player plugins that you may use in enhancing your site feature to attract more traffic:

1. Compact WP

Compact WP
This audio player plugins is a HTML5 plus Flash Hybrid-based WP plugins that is utilized in embedding MP3 audio file to WP post or short code page. Compact WP support .ogg and .mp3 file formats. Product feature: this is a compact audio player which doesn’t take great amount of real estate on the page. This is HTML compatible for it can be utilized in iOs devices.

2. HTML5 jQuery

HTML5 jQuery
This is one of the most trendy looking audio player available for WP since this allow users to add full playlist or single audio track to WP site using shortcode. Users can customize player color to match the theme of the site. Moreover, albums cover art; display rating, download/buy link can also be utilized. HTML5 jQuery is different from various type of audio player since this works on all browser, both MAC and PC, mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone can also utilize this with great ease. Key features includes: Uses .ogg and .mp3 file format, customizable and attractive, users can sell music effortlessly by integrating Digital Downloads, auto play off and on option is available, possess user star rating, player can be added to any page or post using shortcode.

3. CP Media Player

CP Media Player
This is a well known Video and Audio player plugins supported by major browser like Safari, Opera, and Chrome, Firefox, IE and even mobile devices such as iPhone. This allows you to publish files using mp4, wmv, ogg, mp3, wma, websrt and lwav subtitle files. This item is based on the media element which guarantees supports for all major browsers which implements HTML5 standard. As to the older browser, this support Silverlight and flash.

4. Wayne Audio Player

Wayne Audio Player
This is a jQuery plugins which streams mop3 files which is fixed at the page bottom area. This creates custom type post for users to easy manage playlist and songs.

5. Haiku

This minimalist audio player is known to be simple HTML 5 based audio player which inserts graphical player and text link for playback of audio. This is compatible with WP-Audio Player links style, degrade gracefully, accessible and encompasses Google Analytics audio plays tracking.

6. WizardGo

This audio player plugins allow visitors of the site to listen clearly and beautiful to the post narration. If you’re looking for something that can amaze and engage your user, this WizardGo is the best plugins to user. These allow visitors to interact with the content the newer and unique way.