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5 Best WordPress Lead Capture Plugins

WordPress had made great significance in the market today. Due to increasing demand, countless of developers created advancement to offer countless of features to people, and creating plugins is one of those. WP plugins are the programming codes which enhances WordPress installation standard. Having well written plugins basically drag and drop without the need of modifying WP core codes. Since WP as designed using modular way; plugins allow people to customize their site according to their specific need without modifying WP cores.

1. Before and After

Before and After
This is one of the lead capture plugins that allow webmaster to obliged guest in completing certain goals like viewing page content or filling out contract form. This type of functionality is very useful especially when webmasters wanted to make sure that their guest will read the Copyright Notice, Terms of Service and more; before viewing bit of content or given page.

2. WP Tiger

WP Tiger
This type of plugins is not part of the WordPress lead builder for various CRM. A well known combine’s plugins that offer more feature. Users are recommended to download new plugins since this does obligate suture support or updates. The version 3.2 is out in the market; this possesses option for debugging mode disable and enable in setting along menu changes. This is advance, simple, easy-to-set-up web form for WP generator which aids in generating web format through user-friendly plugins interface that in turn utilized as contact form in converting visitors and traffic to high potential VTigers CRM leads.

3. WordPress Leads

WordPress Leads
This gives powerful tracking visitor where in Google analytic leaves off. You can now track you visitors easily before converting to web form. Gather Intelligence valuable to leads includes: knowledge about geographical location of the leads, significant pages viewed on the site, view previous comments your leads made, identify specific item searched in the site, learn if where the referral traffic comes from, view profiles of social media and sites the leads own, see current and past job histories, learn lead topical interest and a lot more.

4. vCita CRM & Leads

vCita CRM & Leads
If you’re looking for an ultimate way of manage customer and leads relationships, this plugins is best for you. This is a powerful CRM which allow user to do more than just storing and captain g customer’s data. These aid users in generating new sales opportunity by providing tracks and insights of all their user interaction. It also aid in saving time since this offer automated communications to clients, along with reminders and notifications. VCita along with Live site and CRM, this aids in optimizing WP sites while encouraging visitors to make some action through the site such s appointment scheduling, message sending, pay services, upload documents and more using any device anytime and anywhere.

5. Embed amoCRM

Embed amoCRM
This is a web form for WP that is designed to provide easy lead generation, company information and contacts directly to amoCRM account. Users can create web forms that encompass powerful interface and user friendly navigation just by choosing specific fields that they will want to be displayed in the site.