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Best Free Corporate WordPress Themes

As you can imagine, if you are looking for the best free corporate WordPress themes, you’re not going to be lacking in options. Regardless of the size of your business, and regardless of the particulars of your business, there are a number of corporate WordPress themes out there to choose from. The challenge on your end is to find something that will suit your needs.

There are free corporate WordPress themes. There are also WordPress corporate themes that charge a nominal fee for use. If you are a young business that is eager to save as much as humanly possible, it stands to reason that you would want to focus on the free ones. To that end, you’re going to be pleased with the options that are available to you.

1. Sela


The boldness and vibrancy of Sela is going to grab your attention right from the start. Furthermore, this particular WP business theme is one of the cleanest looking themes you are ever going to come across.

One major feature to Sela is the fact that its design leaves a lot of room for large, eye-catching visuals. If you think your business can take advantage of such a thing, then you’ll definitely want to consider the numerous additional features and benefits of Sela. The responsiveness of this theme is extremely impressive, to say the least. At the same time, Sela also comes with the bonus of being able to work with any screen size. In this era of people using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs to access the internet, having a theme that is ready to work for anyone can be extremely handy.

Create your own custom background, custom colors, custom headers, and much more.

2. Twenty Ten

Twenty Ten

The first update to WordPress’ default theme, everything about Twenty Ten is designed to be versatile, clean, and easy to use in every possible way. If you are just beginning to get the ball rolling on your business, and you need something that’s going to make it easy to utilize WordPress to your professional interests, Twenty Ten could prove to be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Drop-down menus is just one example of how Twenty Ten endeavors to be easy for visitor and admin alike. All of your pages will be neatly collected into a menu that can be found right at the header of your blog. The drop-down menu can then be utilized to feature several levels of nestled subpages.

Two side-bar widget areas and four areas for footer widgets is another nice feature. What this means is that you can load up Twenty Ten with tons and tons of widgets, and you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong.

3. Pique


Some WP corporate themes work particularly well with specific businesses. A good example of that notion would be Pique. If you have a business that consists of something like a bakery, a café, a hair salon, or some kind of small boutique, this might just be the theme you’ve been searching for. There is an alluring, noir quality to the text and background. It certainly combines sophistication with unique artistry in the best way possible.

This one-page scrolling theme can prove to be particularly useful for small, independent businesses. It can provide you with a stunning supplement to your brick-and-mortar business. Everything about this theme is designed to emphasize ease-of-use. From choosing your text, to including your logo, to taking advantage of social media buttons and secondary links, Pique makes it easy to have your page up and running in hardly any time at all.

4. Canape


If you own a restaurant or food-related business, Canape could be the perfect corporate WP theme for you. It would seem as though that whoever designed this did so with those sorts of businesses in mind. The bold, refined visual punch of Canape makes it an idea fit for themes that need to offer lots of open space for images and similar items.

The three widget areas are another nice component to this blog. Furthermore, you’re bound to be impressed with the way the Menu Template does a great job of putting everything right out in the open. You will be able to showcase your food/drink menu with ease. You can use the Open Table widget to make it easy for your visitors to book a dinner or lunch. Everything about this theme is easy to use. This translates to something that will be easy for others to use across any device.

5. Oxygen


Minimalist is a good way to go with most corporate WP themes. Something that is as free of clutter as possible is a good way to maintain visitor interest. At the same time, minimalist also gives you the ability to make sure your WP blog/site is focusing on the right things. The Showcase Page template and three custom menus are two great features.