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Best Free Wedding WordPress Themes

Even in an era in which it seems like all social event roads lead to Facebook, many newlyweds still utilize Word Press themes for their weddings. In other words, if you are interested in finding the best free wedding WordPress themes, you’re going to have a host of possibilities to choose from. From simple and elegant, to wild and funky, there are so many great WordPress themes for weddings available to you.

Best of all, many of these free wedding WordPress themes are extremely easy to use. You don’t have to be a web design expert to build something that will allow you to share news, photos, videos, or even text posts about your upcoming or recent wedding.

1. Toujours


This is one of the most popular free wedding WordPress themes to be found anywhere. In fact, Toujours is actually an updated version of an older, also popular WP theme known as Forever. Toujours is a winner for a number of reasons. Essentially, it kept everything people loved about Forever, and it added a wide variety of additional, exciting features.

Slideshows, large featured images, and an interesting way to display your most recent posts are just a few of the impressive features. You can even utilize a guestbook template that can easily and nicely gather signatures and more from well-wishers. You can also add passwords and other protective measures to ensure that only your wedding guests can see what you’re posting.

2. Button


Everything about Button is designed to be cute as a, well, you know. However, while Button does offer one of the cutest WP themes to be found anywhere, nothing in the way of functionality is being sacrificed. This theme remains a significant winner with a lot of WP users who want some pretty and clean to keep everyone up to date on the particulars of their wedding announcements and other posts. The detailed accents and featured images are just two of the elements to Button that you’re going to love.

The soft color palette is also nice, emphasizing a tone that makes this theme so ideal for weddings and the like. There is a slight vintage vibe to this theme, as well, so keep that in mind.

3. Unite


When it comes to shopping around for WP themes, one of the words you’re going to want to pay attention to is “clean.” We’ve already used it to describe a couple of the WP wedding theme ideas listed here, and it’s worth mentioning again with Unite. Furthermore, Unite scores big in the responsiveness department. This is a fantastically responsive theme. Even better, it’s incredibly easy to use or visit.

The unlimited color options is just one of the awesome features for Unite. You can even mess around with the links and typography. You are in control of just about everything to do with this theme. Weddings should have at least some energy dedicated to being as personal and creative as possible. If you’re looking for a WP wedding them that can function as an extension of that thought, then you’ll want to check out Unite for certain.

4. Blissful Blog

Blissful Blog

Whether you’re a couple preparing to tie the knot, a wedding photographer who wants to make the best mark possible, or an industry professional who wants a great place to store their portfolio, Blissful Blog could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. This WP wedding theme can work with all of those possibilities, in addition to several others. It is an enormously straightforward, elegant theme. It also comes with the benefit of being really easy to use.

The full-width page template is one of the first things you’ll want to take note of with this blog. The sidebar template can be used across single pages, archives, or search views. Three footer widgets can be found and used across any page. The customer header and custom menu components will serve to make a good thing even greater.

5. The Wedding Event

The Wedding Event

If you want something you can choose and set up in a matter of moments, you may just want to learn more about The Wedding Event. Of all the free WordPress wedding themes you can choose from, this might just be the simplest one. However, do not mistake “simple” for lacking. While you will want to make sure it gives you all of the options you need to build your ideal page, you will find that The Wedding Event nicely delivers on almost everything you need.

At the same time, it’s worth noting that if you are a photographer or other professional, you may want to look elsewhere for your WP wedding theme. This one in particularly is clearly designed to appeal to couples above any other group. Tons of easy-to-use built-in plugins are only the beginning. You’re also going to love how this theme gives you everything needed to centralize your special day.