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Best Free Full Width WordPress Themes

The old school websites that were designed bearing in mind the display size of the monitors and the resolution look very odd and outright unpleasant on laptops, tablets and the present day desktop monitors. Our display devices have become wider and thus the websites need to factor that in at the stage of conception. Websites cannot have two large black strips running on the two lateral sides of the screen. One mustn’t just fill those strips with some color complementing the website either.

The website should stretch from one end of the screen to the other lateral end of the screen. That’s where you need some of the best free full width WordPress themes. Getting a full width website is not a big deal but you need to ensure that the layout within, the navigation, placement of various icons, featured or highlighted content and everything else being presented are in tandem with the increased width of the display. Here are some of the best free full width WordPress themes you can consider.

1. SKT Full Width

SKT Full Width

This theme is beautiful. It is simple, flexible and adaptable. It is an ideal example of how full width themes should work. It is completely customizable, responsive and can be put to great use by photo bloggers, as portfolios and by businesses.

2. FullScreen Lite

FullScreen Lite

This Wordpreee theme is an elegant theme with a very lively design. It comes with full width sliders. It is responsive, has several layout and portfolio options.

3. MyStore


This theme is a completely responsive full width theme with a customizer allowing you to play with the headers, colors, layouts, footers, ecommerce features, plug-ins and widgets among others.

4. MediaPhase


This WordPress theme comes with versatile features, ranging from full-featured homepages to multiple blog templates. It works well as a corporate or commercial website, personal site or as an online store.

5. Clesar Media

Clesar Media

This theme is predominantly a magazine themed template. It works well as a news site or any website dedicated to current affairs and lots of happening stuff. But it can also be used for other types of website. Despite being a content centric website that would keep getting replenished with new materials, the layout is just spellbinding with its full width omnipresence.