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Best Free WordPress Landing Page Themes

Owing to the dependence on search engine generated traffic and redirecting users from multiple sites to a specific webpage that is of relevance, the concept of landing page has become quintessential in web design. Many companies choose to have a landing page as the default homepage. But there are many who maintain an official homepage along with several landing pages. It is wise to opt for such a strategy because it is unlikely that one particular webpage will be a relevant landing page for any and sundry. However, having several landing pages can be quite demanding and the analyses can get overwhelming if one doesn’t have the time or the dedicated manpower for the same.

Having said that, it is imperative for any website to have a landing page so the immediate connect is established and the audience gets engrossed in the website. Conventional templates or website themes don’t factor in the need for a landing page. The home page is pretty generic and no matter how much you work on the content, it still doesn’t cater to the changing needs of the audience. Fortunately, there are landing page themes that you can work with. Some of them have merged the concept of homepage and landing page. Some have focused more on the latter. Here are some of the best free WordPress landing page themes available to users.

1. Customizr


This WordPress theme is one theme that blends a homepage and a landing page. The homepage itself is so compellingly engaging that it can work as a landing page with élan. This theme allows companies to work on just one page, which will cater to both purposes. Customizr works for ecommerce sites and as business websites. It is responsive, works with all relevant plug-ins, can be customized in myriad ways and it is one of the most popular themes at the moment. It is a reliable theme with a smart layout that can make publishing new content effortless and effective.

2. Storefront


This WordPress theme is a very neat theme. It is amazingly well organized. The design is simple and minimalist. You can categorize your inventory and present the options to your users to explore any given category of products or services. The simple and focused navigation allows your audience to stay hooked with their relevant searches and quests. Storefront works with all major plug-ins and widgets. It is a responsive theme so you don’t have to worry about desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles as the browsing and viewing devices. There is an extensible codebase which makes the theme apt for programmers, developers or designers.

3. Pixova Lite

Pixova Lite

This theme offers an immersive design. You could call the landing page a homepage as well but the integrated functionality of the one-page parallax theme works well in the era of search engine optimization and redirecting traffic. The theme allows you to play with the images, headers, sliders, pre-loaders, animations and you can also optimize and customize the entire theme, right from manipulating the loading speeds to using or not using the various features.

4. ColorMag


This theme is a responsive theme styled entirely based on the classic magazine layouts. Not the layout that you would see on print magazines but on virtual magazines or magazine websites. This theme may be confined to the publishing world or any business that delves into regular publishing of various kinds of content, but the landing page is certainly one of the absolute best available in WordPress today. The diversity and congruence of various topics that you can work with on this theme are very useful and impressive for any audience.



This theme doesn’t try to invent or reinvent web design. It just takes a slightly different approach to how the classic home page would be presented. And the theme excels at what it intends to. There is a paid version of this theme, Minamaze Pro, which is obviously loaded with more features but the free theme is good enough for you to get started. The theme is responsive, it is HD retina ready, you can toy with the amazing theme options and you don’t need to write one line of code. The neat layout offers the audience an easy choice to go with any particular section of the website as is relevant to their quest. Redirected users often land up on wrong pages and don’t get enough choices in heavily customized landing pages. That can be averted using the Minamaze theme.

Responsive Brix

Responsive Brix

This theme is your answer to slow loading websites or a landing page that doesn’t offer a brisk browsing experience. It is a responsive theme with a rather bold design. The options to customize are endless and the more than sufficient categorization right on the homepage or landing page will allow a company to offer everything at the go but without compromising the relevance of a particular search.