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Best Free Lawyer WordPress Themes

Creating a website is not always easy if you are not familiar with the web design process. The best way to make sure that you build a stunning site that is completely functional is to use a theme. A wordpress theme will enable you to build and design a site without requiring coding a lot of web design knowledge. This means that you can have a completely functional, responsive and stunning site in a very short period of time by just choosing a wordpress template.

Narrow Down Your Options

Once you have decided that a wordpress theme is the way to go all you need to do is select just the right theme. This can be a bit of an overwhelming process because there are so many different themes to choose from. One of the best ways to narrow down your options when choosing is to choose a theme that is related to your specific niche market. You will be surprised by the different types of niche markets that wordpress themes are categorized into. You can find everything from fashion to car dealership. This means that if you are creating a website for your law firm, you should choose from the best free lawyer wordpress themes. There are many wordpress themes designed for use on lawyer-related websites.

Lawyer Look

The best free lawyer wordpress themes are designed to be professional looking, but also come with all the features that are essential to this this type of site. Not all niche markets are the same and the design of different websites change as a result. This means by choosing a theme that is designed for your specific niche, you should have a fully functional site that meets the needs of your clients and those online users that access your site. It is best to begin by choosing from the best free options. You might be surprised to learn that many of the best wordpress themes fir lawyers are actually completely free. This means that you can design your website for relatively no cost at all. It is time that you learned what the best free lawyer wordpress themes really are.

Here are some of the best free lawyer wordpress themes that you can choose from:

1. The Practice

The Practice

It is always a good idea to start with a template that is tailored made for use by attorneys and lawyers. This is one of the most popular options of this type. It comes with all the basic features that matter most, but even offers a few advanced features that can make your layer site even more functional. You can have a modern and flat design for your website using this theme. It is designed to be completely responsive, which means that the site will automatically load to fit the size of the screen being used to access the site. There are even search optimization tools that are built into this theme. This means that having your site recognized by search engines will be easier if you choose this theme, because all the SEO legwork is already done for you.

2. Factum


This is a theme that is designed to be single page. This means that if you are looking for a simple site design or minimalist style, this might be the perfect theme for your website. It is completely responsive and automatically loads to the exact size of the screen. This is a feature that matters a lot since most people are access sites using mobile devices and not desktop computers. It is a theme that is fully retina-ready and you can build your site using menu option buttons. This means that you can create different sections on your site including practice description, employee directory and contact information. You can even change the layout of the site based on your preferences. It is one of the most popular free lawyer wordpress themes out right now, because it offers ease of use that other themes can’t match.

3. Lawyers


This is the best theme that you can choose if you are looking for the ability to customize your site. It has all of the features that matter most when you are trying to create a site that is a bit more unique. You can change the layout and alter the color scheme and font size. You have so many different customization features to choose that you can change the site design in a number of ways. You can use custom post types and allow yourself to create new sections. Adding team member profiles is also really easy using this theme, which is ideal for large law firms with many employees. It is completely responsive in design and comes with custom widget options, which is a feature that many people are looking for when trying to design a law website.