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Best Free Organic WordPress Themes

With something like a list of the best free organic WordPress themes, it stands to reason that you want something to visually emphasize your commitment. Whether you are starting a socially-conscious environmental blog, or if you would like to become a green-friendly ecommerce merchant, there are themes that can reveal your feelings through their aesthetics. Your organic WordPress theme can reveal in no uncertain terms how you feel about certain social/environmental subjects.

At the same time, this list of the best free organic WordPress themes also gives you supreme functionality. In other words, you can create a blog or website that looks great, functions flawlessly, and offers visitors a wide variety of relevant, unique content.

1. Revelar


This single-column WP theme is minimalist and very striking. The strong combination of visuals with a clean, white background makes it an ideal possibility for those who want to create an environmental blog. The large feature image support is nice, and you’re definitely going to like that Revelar lets you work with a variety of post formats.

2. Eco Recycling

Eco Recycling

We’ve touched on the concept of free organic WordPress themes using their very aesthetic to relate your personal convictions to your visitors. Eco Recycling is a great example of that notion. The smooth, engaging green textures will definitely provide you with a green-centric backdrop for your blog or business. At the same time, Eco Recycling scores big for phenomenal ease of use.

3. Coherent


Coherent certainly lives up to its name. Another name for this minimalist theme might be harmony. You could even make the case for unity. However you describe it, you’re going to love that Coherent combines effective, visually-strong backgrounds with dynamite text. Use powerful, compelling images for your background. Combine that with impassioned writing on any environmental subjects that might be of importance to you. Tons of social links are available, as well.

4. Colinear


Six widget areas is just one thing about Colinear that’s going to impress you. The minimalist concept once again makes an appearance on this list. That’s because the minimalist WordPress themes do a great job of emphasizing subjects such as cleanliness and peace. To be sure, those are ideas worth expressing in your organic WP theme. Colinear comes with several layouts and color schemes.

5. Boardwalk


Flexibility and versatility are two of the main hallmarks to Boardwalk. This is one of the most unique themes you’re going to come across. At the same time, it offers a unique way to display your content.