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Best Free WordPress Gravatar Plugins

There are countless social media platforms and websites out there. Belonging to them or subscribing will often involve having to create a picture and profile every time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you only had to have create a single avatar? Gravatar, (otherwise known as a globally recognized avatar) is an avatar that follows you around regardless of where you go online.

From your favorite blog to a WordPress hosted website, getting the same avatar image transferred from place to place will help build your recognition. In addition, if you have a WordPress website, supporting gravatars means making it easier for recognizable people to be a part of your conversation. Some of the top WordPress gravatar plugins include.

1. Simple Local Avatars

Simple Local Avatars

Simple Local Avatars is the most widely used gravatar related plugin out there. With more then 80,000+ active users, Simple Local Avatar comes with a range of support specifically designed to fully support gravatars. With this plugin, every person with a gravatar will have their gravatar supported if the user has one. In addition, it allows a rating of avatars and gravatars, as well as providing a simple interface that is easy to use. If you want full gravatar support, then Simple Local Avatars is a good choice.

2. HiDPI Gravatars

HiDPI Gravatars

While Simple Local Avatars will help to display Gravatars on your WordPress website, HiDPI Gravatars takes the next step and makes those Gravatars stand out. HiDPI Gravatars replaces the standard gravatar resolution with HiDPI retina resolution. The end result is a significantly clearer image that is crisp and professional looking. Note, this plugin only works on newer browsers and updated versions of WordPress.

3. Top Authors

Top Authors

Top Authors is a neat plugin created to display the top contributors to your WordPress website or blog. With gravatar support, the Top Authors plugin seamlessly ties in gravatar functionality with a quick loading widget that brings a personal face to the high-quality content being displayed. With a 1,000+ active users, Top Authors has found its niche and continues to be supported.

4. FV Gravatar Cache

FV Gravatar Cache looks to fix a basic problem associated with gravatars. To put it simply, gravatars can take a very long time to load. FV Gravatar Cache removes the need for the gravatar to contact the gravatar server and instead hosts the image locally, making it much easier for pages of comments to load without problems.

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