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Best Free WordPress Categories Plugins

One of the most important things you must build with your WordPress website is definition. Without this definition, you’re going to find yourself with a WordPress site that doesn’t really seem to succeed at expressing at what you want it to say.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of different ways to give your WordPress site this definition. One such way involves taking the concept of categories seriously. With this thought in mind, take a look at some of the best WordPress categories plugins that are currently available, and decide for yourself what you believe will help you to make your WordPress site better-rounded.

1. Display Category in a Dropdown Menu

Display Category in a Dropdown Menu

If you don’t want to have everything laid out in a single sidebar, then your next logical step is to use the dropdown menu approach instead. To that end, you will want to check out what this plugin is capable of. You can add this plugin with ease, and have the dropdown menu you want in a matter of moments.

2. Display Certain Categories in a Menu

Through this plugin, you will be able to display certain categories through navigational menus that will be found along the top of your page. You will definitely want to use this particular categories plugin to create navigation menus quickly and simply.

3. Display the Most Recent Posts from a Specific Category

Posts can be displayed in the sidebar with this nifty plugin. You can also have items imported from specific categories on your main page. Using this plugin will make it easy for you to give your visitors an idea of the most recent post.

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