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Best Free WordPress Templates for Churches

Technology changes the way that we do everything. It is now essential that every business and organization have a website. In the past having a presence online was an added luxury, but now it is a necessity. This means that even churches need to create a website. If you are looking to create a website for your church, it is important to understand what type of site you should build. It is important that you have a professional looking site, but you also want it to have all the features that are needed for the visitors of your website. Even if you do not have a lot of experience with site building, it is still possible for you to build a great looking and functional site for your church.


The best way to build a site for your church is to use a template. By using a template to design and build your site, you do not have to have extensive web design knowledge of skill. You can use a template that allows you to create a site without the need for coding or more complex techniques. There are so many different templates to choose from that the options can be a bit overwhelming for most. However, you can narrow down your options by choosing from the best free wordpress templates for churches. These templates are designed specifically to be used for sites that are dedicated to churches. This means that they come built-in with layout options and features that are ideal for this type of site. There are templates for just about every niche market you can think of and this also includes churches.

Free Templates

You might think that building a site on your own is really costly, but this is not actually the case. It is possible to choose from many free wordpress templates for churches that come with all the features that you need for no cost. Many of the best templates online are actually free. This means that you can create a site for your church on just about any budget. You do not have to think about cost, but only look for the templates that offer the most to your site.

Here are a few great wordpress templates to choose from for your church website.



This is a template that is quickly becoming one of the most popular options. It is designed to be completely mobile friendly and is responsive in design. This means that it will automatically load to be compatible with all devices. No matter what size the screen is that is used to access the site, this site will automatically load. This is the best way to ensure that you do not miss out on any visitors to your site. You also have a lot of customization options with this template including the ability to choose between light and dark color schemes based on your preferences. You even have the ability to choose from other font options, which allows you to completely customize the design of your site. It is possible to even add a logo to your site using this church template. If you want the ability to make your church website look unique, this is one of the best templates to choose. The features that matter most like the ability to upload sermons, promote church events and make your site searchable are built-in to the overall design of this template. It offers both style and functionality, which makes it one of the best free wordpress templates for churches that you can choose from.



This is another really popular template option when designing a site for a church. It offers a design that is professional, but also really beautiful and organized. If you are looking for a template that is designed to be visually appealing, this is a great option. It makes it ideal for both churches and other sites dedicated to non-profit organizations. The best features of this template include responsiveness, and other advanced technologies. It is infused with HTML5, which means that it will load fast and will not have to be updated very soon. You have the ability to use custom post types and can even change the format of the site to best fit the needs of your church. All of the church specific features that you require for your site are also built in, which means that you have the ability to upload sermons. You can even promote upcoming church related events on the slider and can add images to the photo gallery on your site. This means that anything related to your church can be added to your site if you use this free wordpress church template.

Finding the best free wordpress template for your church does not have to be a difficult process.