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Best Free WordPress Themes for Programmers

WordPress is the biggest open source content management system and it has become phenomenally popular because it is primarily free and anyone can work on the platform regardless of their skills in programming, coding or designing. Anyone can build a website from scratch using one of the many free WordPress themes and there are enough resources, from a comprehensive control panel to facilitating tools such as plug-ins and widgets.

One doesn’t have to be a programmer to develop a website using WordPress but programmers are equally fascinated with the platform. That is because they can get the foundation and work on it to create something truly unique or original. There are many themes for programmers to work on. Here are some of the best free WordPress themes for programmers.



Fad is a theme specifically for programmers. It is not for the general users. The theme is rather simple, quite flat but trendy and it champions the minimalist approach. The theme is extremely light, has a responsive CSS framework grid and is compatible with all important plug-ins, widgets or any kind of feature that you may want to put up there. Fad is an ideal theme for programmers and web designers to toy with ideas and to develop something entirely new. Even if you are just learning new languages or design practices, this theme will offer you enough practice to hone your skills.



Gitsta is a content based theme. The neat design is responsive and the focus is entirely on content. If you are accustomed with GitHub, then you will certainly have a wonderful experience using this theme. Those not accustomed with GitHub may have some trouble getting used to the theme and how it all works. This theme is definitely for programmers. Those who don’t know coding or are just plain bloggers may not find this theme ideal. However, one can always try to use it regardless of programming skills.



Aspen is a foundation upon which you can build a site exactly the way you want to. There are certain specific purposes of any programmer. It may pertain to some advanced features or working on the basics of a site. Aspen allows programmers to have the foundation in place and then one can work with the advanced features to design a website that is not like any other out there.