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Best PHP Quiz Maker Scripts

In the world of social media, taking fun quizzes is one of the hottest ways for people to share parts of their personality with their friends. In practical terms, however, a good quiz can also be a way to gain some immeasurable feedback from your customers or website visitors so you can improve your overall processes. If you’re not using quizzes yet, then here are the best PHP quiz maker scripts to start using as soon as today.

1. Proquiz – http://proquiz.softon.org/

Proquiz has a really simple interface that will let you generate all different kinds of quizzes in not time at all. It supports a variety of question categories, including multiple choice questions. It’s also fully customizable and will deliver a detailed summary report of the quiz results when you want them. There is also a timing chart display and you can track online users.


2. Savsoft – http://savsoftquiz.com/

Although it is designed more as a test interface, Savsoft is also a really great application that helps to create an online quiz for fun or feedback. Short answer questions are available in this format, as are true/false questions and multiple choice. You can also put in negative marks and the multiple choice questions can be answered with radio buttons or check boxes.


3. GooQuiz – http://sourceforge.net/

This is a pretty small tool that is web based. It requires a bit of technical know-how to get it to work since it isn’t completed, but it does have a lot of benefits if you can get it to work for you. It has open MySQL interfaces so that it can be used in a traditional business intranet format. The admin panel is handy and you can set the different configurations you need through the .config file.


4. Els PHP Web Quiz – http://aspnetpower.com/elsphpwebquiz/

This is an open source piece of software that is web based. It will help you create quizzes or surveys if you prefer and then help you migrate them to your system. It’s really easy to use, works with Google Chrome, and also integrates with MySQL 5, PHP 5, or Apache. You’ll get all of the options you need without any of the bells and whistles, which makes it perfect for the average user.

Els PHP Web Quiz

5. MultiWebQuiz – http://www.phpkode.com/

Available to run on any server with PHP 4 or higher, this is a freeware online quiz management system that features multiple choice questions. All you’ve got to do to install the file is to download it and follow the instructions that are included, so anyone can really get it done in just a few minutes. In return, you’ll get up to 6 answering options per question and there’s a quick quiz area where you can create up to 20 questions in just moments. There’s even automated table creation and data configuration available that easily integrates with your existing tables and databases.