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With something like a list of the best free organic WordPress themes, it stands to reason that you want something to visually emphasize your commitment. Whether you are starting a socially-conscious environmental blog, or if you would like to become a green-friendly ecommerce merchant, there are themes that can reveal your feelings through their aesthetics. Your organic WordPress theme can reveal in no uncertain terms how you feel about certain social/environmental subjects.

At the same time, this list of the best free organic WordPress themes also gives you supreme functionality. In other words, you can create a blog or website that looks great, functions flawlessly, and offers visitors a wide variety of relevant, unique content.

1. Revelar


This single-column WP theme is minimalist and very striking. The strong combination of visuals with a clean, white background makes it an ideal possibility for those who want to create an environmental blog. The large feature image support is nice, and you’re definitely going to like that Revelar lets you work with a variety of post formats.

2. Eco Recycling

Eco Recycling

We’ve touched on the concept of free organic WordPress themes using their very aesthetic to relate your personal convictions to your visitors. Eco Recycling is a great example of that notion. The smooth, engaging green textures will definitely provide you with a green-centric backdrop for your blog or business. At the same time, Eco Recycling scores big for phenomenal ease of use.

3. Coherent


Coherent certainly lives up to its name. Another name for this minimalist theme might be harmony. You could even make the case for unity. However you describe it, you’re going to love that Coherent combines effective, visually-strong backgrounds with dynamite text. Use powerful, compelling images for your background. Combine that with impassioned writing on any environmental subjects that might be of importance to you. Tons of social links are available, as well.

4. Colinear


Six widget areas is just one thing about Colinear that’s going to impress you. The minimalist concept once again makes an appearance on this list. That’s because the minimalist WordPress themes do a great job of emphasizing subjects such as cleanliness and peace. To be sure, those are ideas worth expressing in your organic WP theme. Colinear comes with several layouts and color schemes.

5. Boardwalk


Flexibility and versatility are two of the main hallmarks to Boardwalk. This is one of the most unique themes you’re going to come across. At the same time, it offers a unique way to display your content.

Even in an era in which it seems like all social event roads lead to Facebook, many newlyweds still utilize Word Press themes for their weddings. In other words, if you are interested in finding the best free wedding WordPress themes, you’re going to have a host of possibilities to choose from. From simple and elegant, to wild and funky, there are so many great WordPress themes for weddings available to you.

Best of all, many of these free wedding WordPress themes are extremely easy to use. You don’t have to be a web design expert to build something that will allow you to share news, photos, videos, or even text posts about your upcoming or recent wedding.

1. Toujours


This is one of the most popular free wedding WordPress themes to be found anywhere. In fact, Toujours is actually an updated version of an older, also popular WP theme known as Forever. Toujours is a winner for a number of reasons. Essentially, it kept everything people loved about Forever, and it added a wide variety of additional, exciting features.

Slideshows, large featured images, and an interesting way to display your most recent posts are just a few of the impressive features. You can even utilize a guestbook template that can easily and nicely gather signatures and more from well-wishers. You can also add passwords and other protective measures to ensure that only your wedding guests can see what you’re posting.

2. Button


Everything about Button is designed to be cute as a, well, you know. However, while Button does offer one of the cutest WP themes to be found anywhere, nothing in the way of functionality is being sacrificed. This theme remains a significant winner with a lot of WP users who want some pretty and clean to keep everyone up to date on the particulars of their wedding announcements and other posts. The detailed accents and featured images are just two of the elements to Button that you’re going to love.

The soft color palette is also nice, emphasizing a tone that makes this theme so ideal for weddings and the like. There is a slight vintage vibe to this theme, as well, so keep that in mind.

3. Unite


When it comes to shopping around for WP themes, one of the words you’re going to want to pay attention to is “clean.” We’ve already used it to describe a couple of the WP wedding theme ideas listed here, and it’s worth mentioning again with Unite. Furthermore, Unite scores big in the responsiveness department. This is a fantastically responsive theme. Even better, it’s incredibly easy to use or visit.

The unlimited color options is just one of the awesome features for Unite. You can even mess around with the links and typography. You are in control of just about everything to do with this theme. Weddings should have at least some energy dedicated to being as personal and creative as possible. If you’re looking for a WP wedding them that can function as an extension of that thought, then you’ll want to check out Unite for certain.

4. Blissful Blog

Blissful Blog

Whether you’re a couple preparing to tie the knot, a wedding photographer who wants to make the best mark possible, or an industry professional who wants a great place to store their portfolio, Blissful Blog could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. This WP wedding theme can work with all of those possibilities, in addition to several others. It is an enormously straightforward, elegant theme. It also comes with the benefit of being really easy to use.

The full-width page template is one of the first things you’ll want to take note of with this blog. The sidebar template can be used across single pages, archives, or search views. Three footer widgets can be found and used across any page. The customer header and custom menu components will serve to make a good thing even greater.

5. The Wedding Event

The Wedding Event

If you want something you can choose and set up in a matter of moments, you may just want to learn more about The Wedding Event. Of all the free WordPress wedding themes you can choose from, this might just be the simplest one. However, do not mistake “simple” for lacking. While you will want to make sure it gives you all of the options you need to build your ideal page, you will find that The Wedding Event nicely delivers on almost everything you need.

At the same time, it’s worth noting that if you are a photographer or other professional, you may want to look elsewhere for your WP wedding theme. This one in particularly is clearly designed to appeal to couples above any other group. Tons of easy-to-use built-in plugins are only the beginning. You’re also going to love how this theme gives you everything needed to centralize your special day.

As you can imagine, if you are looking for the best free corporate WordPress themes, you’re not going to be lacking in options. Regardless of the size of your business, and regardless of the particulars of your business, there are a number of corporate WordPress themes out there to choose from. The challenge on your end is to find something that will suit your needs.

There are free corporate WordPress themes. There are also WordPress corporate themes that charge a nominal fee for use. If you are a young business that is eager to save as much as humanly possible, it stands to reason that you would want to focus on the free ones. To that end, you’re going to be pleased with the options that are available to you.

1. Sela


The boldness and vibrancy of Sela is going to grab your attention right from the start. Furthermore, this particular WP business theme is one of the cleanest looking themes you are ever going to come across.

One major feature to Sela is the fact that its design leaves a lot of room for large, eye-catching visuals. If you think your business can take advantage of such a thing, then you’ll definitely want to consider the numerous additional features and benefits of Sela. The responsiveness of this theme is extremely impressive, to say the least. At the same time, Sela also comes with the bonus of being able to work with any screen size. In this era of people using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs to access the internet, having a theme that is ready to work for anyone can be extremely handy.

Create your own custom background, custom colors, custom headers, and much more.

2. Twenty Ten

Twenty Ten

The first update to WordPress’ default theme, everything about Twenty Ten is designed to be versatile, clean, and easy to use in every possible way. If you are just beginning to get the ball rolling on your business, and you need something that’s going to make it easy to utilize WordPress to your professional interests, Twenty Ten could prove to be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Drop-down menus is just one example of how Twenty Ten endeavors to be easy for visitor and admin alike. All of your pages will be neatly collected into a menu that can be found right at the header of your blog. The drop-down menu can then be utilized to feature several levels of nestled subpages.

Two side-bar widget areas and four areas for footer widgets is another nice feature. What this means is that you can load up Twenty Ten with tons and tons of widgets, and you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong.

3. Pique


Some WP corporate themes work particularly well with specific businesses. A good example of that notion would be Pique. If you have a business that consists of something like a bakery, a café, a hair salon, or some kind of small boutique, this might just be the theme you’ve been searching for. There is an alluring, noir quality to the text and background. It certainly combines sophistication with unique artistry in the best way possible.

This one-page scrolling theme can prove to be particularly useful for small, independent businesses. It can provide you with a stunning supplement to your brick-and-mortar business. Everything about this theme is designed to emphasize ease-of-use. From choosing your text, to including your logo, to taking advantage of social media buttons and secondary links, Pique makes it easy to have your page up and running in hardly any time at all.

4. Canape


If you own a restaurant or food-related business, Canape could be the perfect corporate WP theme for you. It would seem as though that whoever designed this did so with those sorts of businesses in mind. The bold, refined visual punch of Canape makes it an idea fit for themes that need to offer lots of open space for images and similar items.

The three widget areas are another nice component to this blog. Furthermore, you’re bound to be impressed with the way the Menu Template does a great job of putting everything right out in the open. You will be able to showcase your food/drink menu with ease. You can use the Open Table widget to make it easy for your visitors to book a dinner or lunch. Everything about this theme is easy to use. This translates to something that will be easy for others to use across any device.

5. Oxygen


Minimalist is a good way to go with most corporate WP themes. Something that is as free of clutter as possible is a good way to maintain visitor interest. At the same time, minimalist also gives you the ability to make sure your WP blog/site is focusing on the right things. The Showcase Page template and three custom menus are two great features.

Ultimately, you can turn just about any WordPress theme into a religious blog or website. Furthermore, you can do this with just about any religious you can imagine. However, it is also true that some WordPress themes are more suited to religious blogs/websites than others. Furthermore, several WordPress themes have been designed specifically with religious websites/blogs in mind. When it comes to choosing amongst the best free religious WordPress themes, it might perhaps be best to focus on the criteria mentioned above.

1. Church


From the custom widgets, to the large/widgetized footer area, there is a fantastic degree of functionality to Church. However, this particular theme was also very obviously designed for use by churches and non-profit organizations. The way your featured image is going to appear is good proof of what this theme can help you to achieve.

2. Zion


Just from the name alone, it’s easy to assume that this theme was made for those who need online hubs for their church, religion, or similar entity. You would be correct. This WordPress religious theme works beautifully with HTML 5. It is also responsive-ready, if need be. Four color schemes and a profoundly adaptive layout complete the appealing package. The Google Maps directions widget is also nice.

3. Malaka


Three main customized post types is just one of the nice elements to Malaka. The customized homepage image sliding carousel can be edited with ease. It also gives you the ability to combine text with media in very striking forms, with the emphasis on your posts going towards the images. Based upon the Bootstrap, Malaka is another religious WordPress theme that works.

4. Simple Church

Simple Church

Simple Church lives up to its name. You’re going to note from the start that this is one of those free WordPress blogs that leans heavily on the minimalist side of things. In other words, if your website/blog is going to focus strongly on visuals, which many religious blogs and sites like to be able to do, this could be the theme for you. At the same time, the theme gives you plenty of room to combine your visuals with great text posts.

5. Green Grunge Church

Green Grunge Church

Green Grunge Church may not be ideal for those who want understated elegance in their blog or website. However, if you’re looking for a religious WordPress theme that pushes for a bold, vibrant backdrop, this could be the theme for you. The feature-rich template is certainly impressive. You can also make a media page.

There are a lot of examples that could make up a list of the best free 2 column WordPress themes currently available. This is because the 2 column theme as a general rule represents one of the most inclusive theme concepts out there. To put it another way, within the 2 column WP design, you’re going to find a ton of possibilities. You can easily find something that will match up the niche market and particulars of your brand. Designers like 2 column WordPress themes because the best examples of these themes are capable of meeting multiple demands simultaneously.

1. Harmonic


When it comes to the most flexible WordPress themes, you have to include Harmonic somewhere on that list. You can find this theme in one or two column layouts. For those who are interested in the top 2 column WordPress themes, you’re going to find that Harmonic can suit your needs nicely. The scrolling front page is nice, and you’ll definitely like how Harmonic looks fantastic on every device under the sun.

2. Chateau


With light and dark color schemes, and what looks like a significant amount of attention paid to the typography, it’s certainly fair to call Chateau bold. Multiple archive styles and striking formats will give you a lot to work with, in terms of creating your WP blog or website. However, everything is extremely straightforward. This holds true for the management side of things, but it’s also something your visitors will note.

3. Keko


If you are new to the world of WordPress, Keko might be ideal for you. This is a great example of a simple, clean, straightforward 2 column WordPress theme. It isn’t the flashiest show in town, and it’s certainly not the most unique, but it is nicely functional. You can learn about banners, Twitter integration, how to use widgets, and more.

4. Reddle


Don’t mistake minimalist for basic. While Reddle most certainly embraces the minimalist 2 columns theme mentality, it offers extraordinary flexibility. Reddle gives you tons of options for shaping your WordPress blog or website into whatever you want it to be. The fluid layout combines with the ability to post in a variety of useful formats.

5. Blask


If you’re looking for an attractive portfolio theme, you’re going to want to take a long look at what Flask brings to the table. The clean layout does a fantastic job of putting the attention of the visitor on whatever you want them to see. Perfect for image-heavy sites.

If you’re looking for dark designs within your WordPress theme inspiration, you’re in luck. In terms of the best free dark WordPress themes, you’re going to find yourself with a host of attractive possibilities. The challenge on your end is to find a dark design that also gives you the functionality, widget potential, and overall range of features you are looking for. Thankfully, there are tons of dark WP themes to support your niche and brand.

1. Exclusive


The dark-blue vibe to this theme will definitely meet your requirements for a dark WP theme. At the same time, you’re going to love that Exclusive is designed with every type of user in mind. When choosing your WordPress theme, you want to keep in mind that in this day and age, there is no such thing as a singular device that everyone’s going to use to access your WP site. Exclusive offers tons of customization options, and it looks phenomenal on mobile devices.

2. Dyad


Beyond the fact that this is a great example of dark WordPress themes, Dyad is a great marriage of form and function at the same time. You’re definitely going to like the harmony that exists on the main page and beyond, in terms of the way text and media are seamlessly displayed side-by-side. You will find one area in the footer for your widgets, which may be a turnoff for some.

3. Escutcheon


The smoky colors of Escutcheon might evoke noir film memories. Nonetheless, this is one of the best free dark WordPress themes to be found anywhere. The dark backdrop combines with the bold text to create something that’s perfect for a wide variety of interests. The support for large, prominent images is a nice feature. Escutcheon also allows you to work with its minimalist design to create something that suits your specific interests.

4. Boutique


The dark backdrop displays the white portion of this theme nicely. You’ll also want to note the array of custom widgets you can work with. This child theme from Storefront gives you a wide range of layout possibilities to play around with. The fully responsive design is also really well-done.

5. Edda


The sepia-toned imagery of Edda makes it an essential entrant on this list. At the same time, you should pay special attention to the fact that Edda works with big featured images and a variety of post formats. This theme can be ideal for photo blogs, journals, and other, similar possibilities along those lines.

Whether you are a candidate, the president of a local party chapter, or if you simply have strong political opinions, you can benefit from the best free political WordPress themes. As you are going to discover with some simply research, there are tons of political WordPress themes out there. Even better, you’re going to find that there a ton of high-quality free political WordPress themes. Simply put, you can find a political WordPress theme that suits your party interests, your politics, and your aesthetic interests.

1. Election2012


Don’t let the name fool you. In spite of the Election2012 moniker, there is no question that this remains one of the best free political WordPress themes to be found anywhere. This free WordPress theme features two columns. The option/admin panel is another nice element to this WP theme, with everything easy to use and extremely straightforward. The slideshow element is a great way to show off your posts in the most attractive format possible.

Another nice element to Election2012 is the fact that it can work for a variety of parties and individuals. The featured video element is certainly worth utilizing, and the fact that this theme is ad-ready is yet another component that’s going to appeal to you.

2. Politics


This homepage template comes with a wide range of customizable sections. Having a header that offers contact information is nice, but you’re really going to like how Politics comes with hero sliders, a section for featured posts, and even a parallax content area. This particular example of political WordPress themes offers a flexible theme that can work for just about any political party, politician, or political viewpoint.

You’re also going to find that Politics works with a wide variety of plugins. Between the plugins, as well as all of the customization options that are available to you, setting up this WordPress theme could be the first step towards greater things.

3. Twenty Sixteen

Twenty Sixteen

The annual WP theme for 2016 is going to strike you as a decidedly fresh one. That is not an accident by any means. This WP theme endeavors to take established concepts, and move them into new, exciting arenas. From the perspective of someone who might be trying to compel strong social/political change, this could be the perfect theme to help you realize your goals.

The optional right sidebar is just one of the elements to this blog that’s worth getting excited about. At the same time, you’re going to want to note that this theme can prove to be ideal for not only websites, but for blogs, as well. As you have no doubt noticed with the other WP political themes on this post, another benefit to Twenty Sixteen is the fact that it can work with just about any political ideology or party imaginable.

The no-sidebar layout is a great way to put the attention of your visitors where you would like it to be. The two Content Bottom Widget Areas are also worth noting with this particular theme. It wasn’t deliberately designed for politics, but there is no question that it can work nicely with a political slant.

4. Publication


Not only is Publication one of the best free political WordPress themes to be found anywhere, but it’s also one of the best free WP themes period. This particular theme may not be ideal for candidates, but if you want to create a political blog or website that works with striking visuals and standout text, this could prove to be the one you’ve been looking for. It’s not the flashiest of the WP themes, but it has everything you need to start and maintain an engaging, aesthetically-pleasing WP site for your political ideals.

Fashion, food, travel, or design are just a few of the subjects that are commonly associated with this theme. However, it’s popular for the simple fact that it’s so incredibly flexible, in terms of how it can be applied. Furthermore, Publication also scores nicely for giving users an extremely straightforward admin experience. In other words, if you’re new to the world of WordPress websites or WordPress blogs, Publication can be an excellent them for getting your feet wet. Don’t be afraid to try this particular WP theme. Get a sense of how the layout works, or how to use WP plugins. Once you feel like you know what you’re doing, move on to something that might be a little more specifically geared towards political sites and blogs.

5. Afterlight


Take a look at the demo for this WP blog. You’re definitely going to be impressed with everything it brings to the table. The striking visual punch of the main page will catch your attention. The world of politics is often a word that requires striking, unforgettable visuals. You can certainly achieve that with Afterlight, while also having a WP theme that will provide visitors with content in many forms.

Looking for the best free membership WordPress themes? There are quite a few free options to choose from. A membership website can be an excellent way to generate meaningful passive income. While you will certainly need to work to maintain the site, as well as work to consistently provide your members with exciting content, membership websites nonetheless represent an awesome example of passive income ideas.

1. Twenty Sixteen

Twenty Sixteen

The latest default theme from WordPress is incredibly flexible. You can easily see this theme being utilized for a wide variety of purposes, including membership websites. The theme takes the beloved general layout concept into some pretty interesting territory, creating something that is decidedly modern. Custom color schemes and a grid system that emphasizes harmony are just two of the features worth getting excited about.

2. Hemingway Rewritten

Hemingway Rewritten

Hemingway Rewritten is referred to as a “literary theme.” That’s fair enough. To be sure, you can very easily imagine this elegant, minimalist theme being used to launch a literary magazine. At the same time, Hemingway Rewritten’s parallax-scrolling header effect can definitely work with a variety of interests and projects. You can create a striking impression with visitors’ right from the beginning, using things like the large featured image header. Hemingway Rewritten offers up to four areas for widget configuration.

3. Gateway


Gateway can give you a great, traditional home base for your membership website. At the same time, Gateway also has the benefit of being so easy to play around with and customize, you can move that approach to tradition in any direction you can imagine. Capture their attention with your logo. Electrify them with a powerful call to action. You can easily establish something through your main page that’s going to encourage people to dig deeper and become members.

4. Baskerville


Baskerville is great for those who want to have lots of striking visuals on the main page, with a straightforward, easy-to-use menu on top of the whole thing. It works with a nice, minimalist design that can work with a variety of membership website ideas, to say nothing of other concepts it can suit in fine fashion. You can also take full advantage of a variety of widgets.

5. Afterlight


Afterlight is another membership WP theme that offers a variety of visuals and easy-to-use navigation links right at the main page. This monochromatic theme may not be for everyone, but it does allow you to establish an impressive marriage between your text and your media. Lots of widgets, too.

You do not have to be a web design expert to create your own site. With the help of easy to use themes, you have the ability to design your site with ease and create a professional looking layout the appeals to online users and search engines. If you are looking to create a reseller website, you have to be careful with the type of theme that you select. The only way that you can have success with this type of site is to make sure that your site is designed using a theme that offers features including responsiveness and a professional layout. The best free web hosting sites will help you to attract more consumers, you just have to know what the best options to pick are. Here are some of the best free web hosting wordpress themes that you can choose from:

Flat Host

Flat Host

This is s free web hosting theme that offers a layout designed to be modern, sleek and visually appealing. If you are looking for a theme that will allow you to create a look that stands out and is noticeable, this is one of the best options. This is a theme that is also compatible with a variety of web services. This allows you to make your site even more versatile. You can choose from different color schemes based on your preferences and can end with a design that works best for your specific target market. The features that make this theme most appealing include domain search options, layered slider, multi-page templates and a design that is highly rated and reviewed.

Modern Hosting

Modern Hosting

Choosing just the right free web hosting wordpress theme is never easy, but Modern Hosting is an option that can’t be wrong. It is a theme that is based on a really popular HTML template. It has a really minimalist design and is known for being really easy to use. It offers only the most basic features, but these features are exactly what you have been looking for. You have the ability to alter the background style and fonts to create a more unique design for your site. Some of the features that are most notable with this theme include the ability to add new web hosting plans, use client management tools and the testimonials section.


Creating a website is something that requires, skill, knowledge a lot of time. It can be a lot simpler to use a wordpress theme, but even skilled web designers can have a much easier process by making a theme on their own. Making a wordpress theme from scratch can be really time consuming. It is a lot simpler to make your own theme using a wordpress starter theme. Now you can create a wordpress themes for a variety of different reasons using a wordpress starter theme. A starter theme is the easiest way to begin building your own wordpress theme. Using any other method will require too much time and effort.

What is a Starter Theme?

It is important to understand what wordpress starter themes are and how they work. Building a wordpress theme on your own requires the use of HTML and CSS, which are complicated and time consuming to work with. You then have to convert from HTML and CSS to wordpress. The entire process is something that you can bypass entirely if you choose to use a starter theme. You can avoid all the complex inner workings that are required when you build a theme from scratch. When you are using a starter theme, you have the ability to use ready made code, headers, navigation, sidebar and footers. All of these features make it so easy for you to build your own wordpress theme no matter what design or layout you have in mind. It is possible for you to add more functions and features that you find most appealing for your theme. The possibilities are endless and the process can be easy if you use a wordpress starter theme.

Choosing the Right Starter Theme

There are so many different wordpress starter themes that you can choose from making the process of finding the right one a bit overwhelming. Choosing just the right wordpress starter themes comes down to looking for the best features and menu options, but also prices. There are a number of wordpress starter themes that come at no cost. This means that you can make a wordpress creation of your own using a starter theme that has no cost to you. This is the best option and there are really great free wordpress starter themes that you can choose from. If you don’t know which starter themes to start selecting from, you can use our list as your guide. This will allow you to know what the best options are and why they might be the perfect starter theme for you. Here are some of the best free wordpress starter themes that you can choose from:



This is a responsive starter theme that can be a great option for those that are already familiar with HTML5. It is specifically designed to make wordpress creation as easy as possible. You do not need a lot of experience with creating wordpress themes in order to successfully use this starter theme. It offers CSS samples layouts that you can choose from with more than 5 options available and you can even get access to a 404 page. It is designed to have mobile friendly navigation built-in. There are so many useful features that you will have more than you know what to do with. Everything that you require when building a wordpress theme will be featured in this option. It is easy to download and get started, which is why it is so popular among people looking to create their own wordpress themes.



This is another starter wordpress theme that is a great option if you are looking to avoid building a wordpress theme from scratch. It comes with built-in HTML5 and has all the framework built to connect with social sites. One of the best parts about using this starter theme is that it sends very few requests to the server. This means that you can speed up the amount of time that it takes to create your wordpress theme. Everything is optimized to make it easier for you. The really cool feature that this starter theme offers is the theme wrapper. This is designed to help you avoid repeating code over and over again, You will also get access to clean URLs using this feature. Everything about this free wordpress starter theme is what you have been looking for in an available downloadable option.



Bones is another highly rated and reviewed free wordpress starter theme that you can find online. It is known for being easy to use and has built-in HTML5 bollerplate. It is designed to be responsive and will require no coding from you. There are a number of features that make customization really simplified with this starter theme that has no cost at all.