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Exceptional Missionary Newsletter Templates

Being a missionary is a tough gig. It’s rewarding on many different levels, of course, but you’ve also got some challenges. Many missionaries must learn new languages, serve in difficult conditions, and raise the money they need every year to do their work. One of the most effective ways to keep the donations coming in is by updating contributing churches and individuals about the good work you’re doing through the use of a newsletter. These exceptional missionary newsletter templates will help you get the message across effectively.

1. Share Faith – http://www.sharefaith.com/

Many missionaries send updates either once a month or once a quarter to those who support them. Having templates that reflect something going on in that month can help to create a realism about the content that adds another level of emphasis and importance to what is being shared. You’ll find a wide variety of templates to use with lots of places for announcements, devotionals, and testimonials from the field that your supporters will find to be meaningful.

Share Faith

2. Missions Linked – http://missionslinked.com/

Newsletters are a key resource for missionaries and this agency provides an effective newsletter service that will provide you with a solid, custom design that is ready for printing in as little as 72 hours. You get 3 rounds of revisions to help finalize the design for a fair, competitive price. You simply upload all of your photos and resources and your content and Missions Linked does the rest for you so that you can keep on doing the work you need to do. There are also flyers, prayer cards, and even magnets to use as resources as well.

Mission Linked

3. Doc Stoc – http://www.docstoc.com/

This website is designed to help make business be better through free newsletter documents and like it or not, being a missionary also means that you’re running a family business. You’ll find a tremendous amount of attractive newsletter designs on this site that will help you achieve the results that you need to keep working in the field. It’s simple, easy to use, and there are millions of templates and documents from which to choose.

Doc Stac

4. Microsoft Word – http://office.microsoft.com/

If you’re out in the field a lot, then there’s a good chance that you’re staying connected with home every so often by computer, right? If you’re looking for an easy template to use with your MS Office suite, then there are some decent free templates that can be used through Microsoft Word. This eliminates an extra expense while still being able to incorporate the images you have that show off the work that you’re doing every day. With holiday templates and a wide variety of different styles available, you can choose something new every time you need to write something.

Microsoft Word Templates

5. Mormon Share – http://www.mormonshare.com/

Sometimes an effective witnessing tool is a newsletter. Instead of sending it to supporters, dropping off a newsletter at a home can help people see the good work that you’re doing and encourage them to come along for the journey. You’ll find plenty of resources to help you get this accomplished on Mormon Share, from newsletter templates to images that bring joy to the expression of faith being shared.

Mormon Share