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Review of Opensuse Flash Plugin

All right you Linux lovers out there. We know that you’re using openSUSE as an operating system for your PC. If you aren’t using it, then you’re probably tossing and turning at night because you want to use it and just haven’t set it up yet. It’s a pretty handy O/S that lets you get everything accomplished in a timely fashion, but you’ve also got to install some of the plug-ins on your own to give your PC full functionality.

One of those plugins that you’ve got to install right away is the Adobe Flash plugin. It works just as well as it does in any other O/S or browser, but there are a few things you should know.

It Works Much Better In the SUSEfox Extension

Meant to be for a group of features that were just too massive for the general modifications of Firefox into the openSUSE system, this is an optional feature to consider using because it doesn’t alter the functionality of Firefox when it is disabled. What’s nice about this is the improved plugin finder service because it includes many of the plugins that are available in the various repositories. Forget about using just the latest version of Flash, for example, because you’ll get access to the various Flash players that are compatible with your O/S.

The RPM package flash player should be installed on the first run of your manager, but you can install it manually if you need to do so. That’s the flexibility that is nice about openSUSE. Just remember that the main repository NON-OSS is required and you’ll be good to go.

The Plugin Also Operates As a Standalone Player

Unlike the other O/S installations or browser plugins, the Flash plugin for openSUSE can double for you as a standalone player. This gives you the high level of functionality that you need for your PC without the headaches that other users have on other systems. If you love Linux and want to be watching any sort of multimedia content online, then you’ve got to use the plugin. It’s thankfully convenient and easy, so it’s not much of a hassle for the average openSUSE user.

For those who are looking for alternatives and may not be as savvy from a tech standpoint, however, the plugin is going to cause some difficulties to get going. For the most part, as long as you find the Adobe RPM from their Flash installation page and then just open the file that you’ve downloaded with the Apper Installer and you should be ready for some online video action. You can go into the about, plugins screen to confirm if it is there.

It’s really nice to see that in this current day and age when an O/S can go for hundreds of bucks when you consider all the extra apps and add-ons that people want that you can pick up something that’s good for more sweat equity than monetary equity. Use this plugin and you’ll have the same experience, if not a better one, that every other person does. Period.