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The Best 12 WordPress Carousel Plugins

A carousel slider is a great feature on a WordPress website. This allows you to scroll through a variety of different images easily on the front page of your website. It can be easier to promote yourself, whether you are an artist, a photographer, or anyone else who has some visual details to share with the world. The different plug-ins will provide a variety of different features, enabling multiple carousels on a single page, as well as responsive designs.

There are plenty of free plug-ins, so there is no need to spend money in order to build a carousel on your website. Now, you can find out the best free WordPress carousel plug-ins that there are:

1. Carousel Ultimate

Carousel Ultimate
Short code can be used within this plug-in to display carousels on a post or in a page. It’s touch enabled or various devices and fully responsive. This means that it will automatically format based upon the mobile or desktop device that a person has chosen to use. Unlimited carousels can be used within the plug-in and there is auto play enabled.

2. Agnosia Bootstrap Carousel

Agnosia Bootstrap Carousel
A bootstrap carousel can be shown using the plug-in by utilizing gallery short codes. The plug-in makes assumptions that the theme includes a bootstrap JavaScript, or that the files have been included on your own. If the files are not included, the carousel will not work, so it is imperative that you provide these files in the background.

3. Carousel Slider

Carousel Slider
The touch enabled plug-in makes it possible to create responsive carousel sliders that are touch and grab enabled. The plug-in is lightweight and it is possible to include multiple carousels on a single page. There is also CSS3 3-D acceleration featured within the plug-in, providing more speed.

4. Lazy Carousel

Lazy Carousel
Lazy Carousel is designed to be a slider, as well as a carousel. It’s customizable and responsive for all devices. It is supported by major browsers and is SEO friendly as well. The benefits to using this plug-in are that it is lightweight and provides various ways to display photos – in carousels and sliders.

5. Kiwi Logo Carousel

Kiwi Logo Carousel
A logo carousel can be created per page, allowing sponsors and partners to be featured on the website, within a carousel. Each of their logos can be prominent within the carousel, offering a unique design. It is possible for more than one carousel to be featured per page, and the design is responsive. The logo carousel can be pasted into the theme using PHP or within a post using short code. There are clickable logo options as well.

6. WpF Ultimate Carousel

WpF Ultimate Carousel
This plug-in allows for unlimited carousel sliders to be added into your WordPress theme. It offers a responsive design, ensuring that it can be viewed on any device. There are unlimited color variations, carousel controls, and is supportive of custom posts. The installation is simple, and provides for more images to be posted on a website.

7. FooGallery Owl Carousel

FooGallery Owl Carousel
The Owl Carousel made by FooGallery allows images to be displayed in various formats and combinations. The slider can be of any size, and text overlays can be made to go across. There is also a new version that supports navigation using hashtag URLs. This allows the carousel to push a specific slide to a specific location on the page. Image cropping and borders can be added using the plug-in as well.

8. Cr3ativ Carousel

Cr3ativ Carousel
The easy-to-use carousel will display any kind of post content in WordPress as a carousel. There is no limit to the number of carousel items that can be used, and it can be organized by category. A widget is also provided for the plug-in to be used similar to the short code, though the widget makes it easier to sort the items for organizational purposes.

9. PPM Carousel

PPM Carousel
The plug-in uses a short code system and enables custom posts on WordPress. It is fully responsive, providing a carousel image slideshow from any device that a person uses to access your website, including smartphones and laptops.

10. RR Slick Carousel

RR Slick Carousel
This is one of the simplest carousels to use. It is fully responsive, and three different effects are available within the plug-in. A carousel can be embedded using short code anywhere and everywhere, including within the files.

11. Jeba Tiny Carousel

Jeba Tiny Carousel
This plug-in allows a carousel to be enabled in a WordPress theme. It can be used to be a short code, within any location of the website, from homepage to blog. It is a lightweight program plug-in and by using custom fields, it’s possible to use any link for the tiny slide images within the carousel.

12. ECT Product Carousel

ECT Product Carousel
Ideal for e-commerce, the image carousel allows you to promote a variety of different products that will slide across the screen. There are options to show products from a specific category or products that are marked as recommended. The code can be generated and placed on any of the WordPress pages to enable the product carousel.

With all the different carousel plug-ins, you will need to find one that works well with your WordPress theme as well as the overall look that you are trying to achieve for your website. Take the time to make some comparisons and test out the plug-in before your website goes live to everyone.