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The Best 5 WordPress File Manager Plugins

File managers are important in WordPress because it allows you to change, delete, and organize files easily. It will help to keep the entire website in order, and make it a lot easier to use on the admin side. Even uploading different files can be made easier when there is a quality file manager in place.

You can explore some of the top free WordPress file manager plug-ins here:

1. Media File Manager Advanced

Media File Manager Advanced
Media File Manager Advanced gives you the ability to create sub folders in the upload directory. There is no limit to the depth of the tree structure. It can change the media links in the database allowing you to sort media into subfolders without breaking the links of your media posts. An alternative file selector is added in the editing post/page screen allowing media files to be picked up from the subfolders easily.

2. File Away

File Away
Using ajax, you can upload files from the front end. Files will be manages securely from the front end with the file manager. They can be displayed to your users in stylized lists or sortable data tables. You can gather download statistics. Short codes can be constructed manually or by using a point and click UI. You can also easily create dynamic paths to show different content to different users who are all logged in at the same time.

3. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager
This is a project and document management plugin. Businesses and organizations that utilize this plugin will be able to maintain documents, records, files, videos, and images. You can organize and manage student and supplier documents and accounts and control individual accounts and select specific distribution of documents in an easy to manage online process. It has a straightforward layout and gives assurance that the user has complete control of information flow.

4. BSK Files Manager

You can manage your files in WordPress with this plugin. Files can be uploaded into one category and displayed under the category in front. You can also show a special file in front if you wish. This plugin is easy to use. Short codes will need to be copied into the page/post where you want to show. The file links will then become visible. File extension names can be a filter to show files in front as well.

5. Media File Manager

Make sub-directories in the upload directory and then move files into them. At the same time, Media File Manager will modify the paths names in the database. An alternative file-selector can be added in the editing post/page screen so media files can be easily picked up some subfolders.

Ensure you have the free WordPress file manager plugin that you need to work with your theme by taking the time to read through the features offered by each of the plug-ins available.