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The Best WordPress Advertising Plugins

WordPress is arguably the most valuable open source software. Putting Android aside as its implications are limited for companies from diverse industries, WordPress truly empowers businesses of all sizes to have a virtual presence, and that too at nominal or no cost. But as is the case with any open source software and particularly when such software is used by nontechnical professionals, the options or features are limited. So whether you are developing a blog or an ecommerce site with WordPress, you would need some plug-ins to spice things up.

Advertisement is a key component of any virtual presence. Whether you are looking at advertising revenue generated through your website or you are a company looking at advertising or sponsoring to gain more exposure, you would have to use some WordPress advertising plug-ins. Fortunately, there are scores of such WordPress advertising plug-ins, many of which are available for free and some have premium versions which need to be purchased. For your convenience, here is a list of some of the finest WordPress advertising plug-ins.

1. Advanced Advertising System

Advanced Advertising System
If you own a website, operate a blog or an ecommerce store where you wish to have advertisers put up their products, offers, services or promotions for your audience then you need a tool to manage all the advertisers, their accounts, finances, the ads and the placement of the ads among others. Everything and more can be done using the Advance Advertising System.

Advanced Advertising System allows you to manage advertisers, you can have specific accounts for every advertiser and manage their campaign efficiently, you can have different pricing models for the advertisers and also control the placement of the ads with no major hassles.

This is one of the best WordPress advertisement plug-ins when it comes to managing ads or a large network of advertisers.

2. Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager is an ideal plug-in for blogs. It allows you to place and roster the ads on your blog posts, any widgets that you may have on your website and all across the website wherever you have some space allotted for ads. Other than the placement and rotation of ads, Advertising Manager is capable of recognizing advertising networks such as Google Adsense and you can explore such networks with your ads targeting different keywords, categories, pages and tags.

Advertising Manager is one of the best WordPress advertising plug-ins. It is brimming with features that allow you to play with your widgets no matter where they are and place your ads accordingly, there is a simple one click publishing of ads on blog posts, templates can have adds to courtesy the simple PHP function, ads can be categorized or targeted based on their relevance and purpose and all analytics and data pertaining to the ads and their performance are also tracked by the plug-in.

3. RRD Advertisment Sponsers

Don’t go by the clever or rather uncanny nomenclature of this plug-in. RRD Advertisment Sponsers caters to a very unique requirement. The plug-in is aimed at advertisement marketing. Once you have this plug-in and you are registered, you would get to add your items or products and sponsors who are interested in advertising their company, brand or a concept will advertise so on the item or product you have posted. The plug-in is available in English and French. The unique premise of this plug-in and its application is what makes RRD Advertisment Sponsers a very utilitarian tool.

4. Author Advertising Pro

Author Advertising Pro is another unique plug-in. It is a Google Ads Manager and it is all that you would need. The developers of this plug-in market it as the tool you would need to turn your blog into a paid to write phenomenon. The plug-in is not your typical advertisement tool that helps you to publish and manage ads. The ads posted using this plug-in would be tracked for each registered user and everyone who checks out the ad or refers the same. All impressions are recorded and traced.

Highly Rated WordPress Advertising Plug-ins

There is no dearth of WordPress advertising plug-ins at your discretion. You need to choose one or a few that are relevant, reliable and would provide you an accurate assessment of the scheme of things. Other than the ones mentioned above, you may consider some highly rated WordPress advertising plug-ins, the likes of Text Advertisements, Simple Ads Manager, errnio Gesture Monetization, Easy Text Links, AdRotate, Google AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin, Float Right Advertisment, Ad King Pro, PinnedURL, Floating Banner Ad Rotator with Tracking, Infolinks Official Plugin, Website Monetization by MageNet and NK Google Analytics among others.

No matter which plug-in you choose, you can always review its performance or how helpful it is and switch to another plug-in in the near or distant future.