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The Top 16 WordPress Scheduling Plugins

To be a successful blogger, you are required to write the content of your blog regularly. It is also said that you must write every day. That is the hardest part of being a blogger especially when you have to consider doing a lot of other things for your daily living.

Fortunately, WP or WordPress has created scheduling plugins which allows you to schedule your writings. To bring it to simpler words, when you are in the mood and you have a lot of time to do a content writing for your blog, you can do it all day and still you’ll be able to assign them to be published on specific dates. You are able to visualize your future post when using this plugins. Some of these plugins include services like managing appointments and booking for online businesses. Here is a variety of scheduling plugins available for WordPress to choose from.

1. Schedulista – Online Scheduling

Schedulista – Online Scheduling
This is an online scheduling plugin that will benefit your business. You’ll be able to connect or communicate with your clients to grow your business. This Scheduler features many things. You can customize your photos, logo and colors. It has free Android app and iPhone App to easily manage the calendar wherever you are. This requires a monthly subscription.

2. Booking Calendar & Appointment Scheduler

Booking Calendar & Appointment Scheduler
Having this plugin will enable you to accept any appointment from your clients 24/7/365 on your blog or website. Your customers or clients are enabled to book an appointment directly from your site or blog. This is one of the best scheduler plugins you can get for free. Over 23,000 online business uses this so you’ll never be wrong in trying this.

3. WordPress Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita

WordPress Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita
This plugin will offer you a self-service of appointment setting online to help capture a more business. It requires a vCita online scheduling software for WordPress to quickly integrate any WP website in few minutes. It will help you to communicate easily in appointment settings. Try the vCita premium package for 14 day to experience their service.

4. vBSocial Photo Scheduler to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In

vBSocial Photo Scheduler to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In
You can do a mass scheduling of images and post it connected to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages easily. This acts as a social media manager that will manage all your post in your social media accounts. Good for increasing your social traffic to your page and site. Though this is only a limited version. Try purchasing the full version if you find it very useful.

5. WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Future Posts

WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Future Posts
The name of the plugin is the common problem and issue in WP post. Having this plugin will give you a solution by republishing 10 of your posts in every session for every 10 minutes. It will not decrease the performance of the server. It will fix and check only all your missed schedules and failed future posts schedule in the database.

6. JoeBooking – Appointment Scheduling For Providers and Salons

Allows you to accept booking and appointments for your business services from your WP based site. This is specially made for business services like massage therapy, tutoring, consultants, instructors, stylist, photographers and all businesses that needs a scheduling. You will enjoy this even more in PRO version.

7. ScheduleMAX Online Scheduling

This is a simple yet a beautiful client scheduler for your website. Having a simple and easy purpose, this scheduler will bring an amazing experience on online scheduling for your site, WP of FB page. This is in a widget form that will only take about 2 minutes on installation and will as plugin in your WP site.

8. Shift Controller – Employee Shift Scheduling

This is a staff scheduling plugin in which you are able to control the shift scheduling of your employees anytime and anywhere online from your WP site. This will also allow you to manage the time offs and holidays hence you can see and assign your available employees. You can try it in PRO version to experience a better service.

9. BirchPress Scheduler – Appointment Booking & Online Scheduling

This plugin will allow your business to practice online booking. This plugin is perfect for businesses such as spas, studios, yoga, photographers, and contractors to have an online booking appointments. You can effectively manage the time and appointments for your clients and also the staffing schedules.

10. Publish to Schedule

This plugin is a scheduler that manages your publishes. Once you have uploaded your post, just click the publish button and the plugin will be the one to manage the publishing date. It depends upon your configuration on the scheduler settings.

11. Content Expire Scheduler

This plugin will automatically expire your pages and posts after selecting a date. A display custom message will appear for people who reached the expiration. This also supports a custom post types.

12. FastBook – Responsive Appointment Booking and Scheduling System

Used for managing and booking appointments for WP based websites. This is controlled by a short code ([fastbook]). All the appointments and booking will be visible to the admin of the WP based page.

13. WordPress Scheduled Time

Displays the schedule data and schedule time of WP post. Good for bloggers with multiple blog posts daily and also having multiple authors. This WP scheduled time plugin primary feature is to display the WP scheduled post time. This also gives a definite summary of posts if published, scheduled, draft and pending review.

14. Post Scheduler

This is a WP plugin in which facilitates the scheduling of the user posts depending upon the user requirement and range of dates. This is compatible in all WordPress version.

15. Scheduled Job Dashboard Widget

A dashboard widget will show next to the jobs from your WP scheduler. This plugin will implement you a new widget in your dashboard.

16. AppointPress – Online Scheduling & Appointment Booking

This plugin is for making appointments and bookings for WP based websites. Acts as your virtual receptionist for 24/7/365. Improved features are made available in their PRO version.