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Top 10 WordPress Reservation Plugins

A website that takes reservations is going to be a whole lot more successful than those that don’t. You may not want to be on the phone all the time, and therefore WordPress Reservation plug-ins make a whole lot of sense. People who visit the website will be able to one click and make a reservation at any time of the day or night, providing convenience for your clients and/or customers. A simple plug-in can make the world of a difference on the website for a doctor, a massage therapist, a counselor, a restaurant, or anyone else who takes reservations. There are a number of benefits to using such a plug-in, and now you can find all of the top free WordPress reservation plug-ins right here:

1. ReDi Reservation

ReDi Reservation
This is one of the more graphic reservation systems, making it possible for everyone to see exactly what they are reserving on the website. It can be utilized for an array of different businesses, and there is also a specific version or restaurants. Reservations can be made online by the clients, and they will be able to see the space that they have reserved using a grid system on the screen. The plug-in will require a RIP, which will be obtained upon registration. From there, set up reservation details can be made, which includes the times of operation for the business.

2. CP Reservation Calendar

CP Reservation Calendar
S plug-in is a booking calendar that allows for dates to be selected, such as check-in and checkout dates. Partial and complete days are supported within the reservations, and there are integrated payment options on the booking form as well. It’s an easy set up with one click publishing. Various configurations can be made an email notifications can be scheduled as well.

3. Online Reservation

Online Reservation
Business reservations can be made and received online using this plug-in. There are an array of features offered, including being translation ready and reservations are protected from spam using captcha. Further, email notifications are provided to admin as well as a confirmation email to the customer. After each reservation has been made. Limits can also be set regarding business opening and closing times, days off, as well as setting a maximum number of seats and/or tables. There is also an admin feature that makes it easy to confirm and reject reservations as they are made.

4. BRS

BRS or Booking and Reservation System is built with WooCommerce. It allows a reservation system to be entered into a WordPress website for the purpose of managing bookings easily. Booking can be done from the front end or backend and there is a drag-and-drop functionality for people, as well as resources. Coupons and discount codes can be included that are obtained from WooCommerce and a custom order message can be sent via email.

5. Open Table

Open Table
Many restaurants may already be familiar with Open Table. This is a WordPress widget that brings the open table reservation form into your website. This allows people to find out what dates and times are available for your restaurant, and make the reservation without having to leave your website. It is an easy to use widget that offers a number of benefits.

6. FareHarbor Reservation Calendars

FareHarbor Reservation Calendars
This plug-in makes it possible to embed the free booking reservation calendars from FareHarbor onto your website. You can choose the calendars and/or buttons to be able to utilize the full reservation system that is featured at fareharbor.com.

7. Bookings

The reservation scheduler makes it easy to offer booking services directly on the website. The administrator has the ability to add and manage the reservations, as well as modify and delete reservations that are already in the system. Blackout times can be added and there can be minimum and maximum time limits set on the reservations to ensure that there are no booking errors. Calendars can also be set to be viewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly layout.

8. Booking Calendar Contact Form

Booking Calendar Contact Form
This is one of the best plug-ins for reservations because it not only creates a booking form, but also includes a reservation calendar or a classic contact form. Additionally, it’s connected to PayPal, allowing people to make a payment with the press of a button. Full day and partial day bookings are available and configurable email text can be programmed. Further, the bookings list can be printed or easier organization.

9. Planyo Online Reservation System

This online reservation system is ideal for hotels, timeshares, doctors’ offices, event halls, and much more. It is available in 26 languages and can help to manage bookings by handling all email communications and providing various booking confirmation mechanisms. Payment can also be handled within the reservation system. The plug-in will embed the entire reservation system into the website, allowing visitors to go through the entire process, from searching to reservation, without leaving your website.

10. BuddyPress Group Reservation

This group Reservation plug-in makes it possible for site administrators and BuddyPress groups to be able to reserve space for unregistered users via an email address. It is used by an array of exclusive sites for the purposes of attracting A-listers.

You can start taking reservations a whole lot easier once you discover the free WordPress reservation plug-ins that are available. Explore the different ones to ensure you find one that works well with your WordPress theme.