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Music players are a great way to promote music. If you are a musician, in a band, or simply love to share music with the masses. There are free WordPress music player plug-ins that will make it easy to supply plenty of music on your website. You can choose to load your own music or art of music from top recording artists.

Some of the best free WordPress music player plug-ins are as follows:

1. Background Music Player Lite

Background Music Player Lite
The basic feature of this plugin supports radio streams. It has unlimited color schemes and there are short code options as well as auto-play and playlist repeat options. It is cross-browser and mobile friendly. The basic features also allows tracking sort order options. Extra features include a shuffle option, continuous playback and custom playlists for pages.

2. Ad Music Player Lite

Ad Music Player Lite
This plugin allows you to use music in the form of currency on your website. By that, you can earn money when someone listens to music on your website. The player will display advertisements when the music is playing. There is also an option to display banners and text advertisements where you can display your own ads or third party ads.

3. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player
You can add a single audio track or full playlist to your site using short code. The player has customizable colors and can display ratings, album cover art, and a buy or download link if desired. Besides the trendy appearance, this audio player is different because it works on all the major browsers as well as mobile devices. Buying and selling music is easy by using Easy Digital Downloads. Autoplay has an on/off option.

4. Compact WP Audio Player

Compact WP Audio Player
This is an HTML5 + Flash hybrid based WordPress plugin that can be used to embed MP3 audio files on your post or page using short code. The player is compact and is compatible with all major browsers. Compact WP Audio Player supports MP3 and OGG file formats. As the name suggests, this plugin will not take up much space on your webpage. This plugin works well for podcasting and is responsive. The plugin also allows a preview if you are buying or selling audio files.

5. WP Music Player

WP Music Player plugin allows visitors to play music on a WordPress post or page. It has a number of options to configure. The user can change configuration settings for the music player. On the admin side, you can upload music files and then assign them to a post. The user can also use this plugin for song websites. The song can be described with a post and then the file can be assigned. The place of the audio player can be changed in WordPress Hook. You can use short code in posts or pages for displaying Music Player.

6. Music Seller

This plugin is an online store for selling audio files and all your sales will be safe since Music Seller uses PayPal. It also protects your audio files to prevent them from being downloaded without permission. The plug-in includes an audio player that is compatible with almost all browsers. It is developed using the html5 standard. This audio player supports MP3, WAV, WMA, and OGA.

HTML editors are critical because it will allow for a website to function better. HTML is one of the most popular web languages, and if there are errors, it can create problems with loading a page, loading a video, and much more. It can also hurt SEO overall.

Explore some of the top WordPress HTML editor plug-ins now.

1. HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter
Syntax highlighting can be easily added within this HTML editor. You have the ability to save posts and pages and there is a full screen mode to get a better look at what you’re doing. Additionally, cursor positions can be restored when the pages are reloaded.

2. Plug-n-Edit Drag & Drop HTML Visual Editor

Plug-n-Edit Drag & Drop HTML Visual Editor
This HTML editor uses an adaptive WYSIWYG visual approach that provides the features of a desktop publisher as well as a word processor. You have access to a 3D page building design where you can control height, width, and depth, whereas the standard HTML editors are based on 2D page designs.

3. HTML Post Editor

HTML Post Editor
The plug-in provides an HTML editor to the post editor default. There will be a new HTML tab that allows you to load the raw source HTML. You will be able to see line numbers, syntax highlights, and more to work with the code in an easier way.

4. HTML Mode Locker

HTML Mode Locker
This plug-in helps to get rid of the frustration when working with WYSIWYG editors, particularly when switching between the HTML and visual models. You will be able to lock into the mode you use the most.

5. Admin Font Editor

This plug-in allows you to choose the size and style of the font when you’re working with an HTML editor in the edit posts/pages as well as the reply field in comments. This gives you more control of your WordPress theme and makes it easier to see without the distractions of small text.

6. HTML Editor Type

HTML editors are not the easiest to use because of the small text. This plug-in uses a better font for coding and has a significant amount of international support. This allows you to have the prettier typing you have always wanted.

7. Preserved HTML Editor

White space is preserved with this HTML Editor. It supports an array of coding, including CSS, Javascript, and HTML5. What’s unique about this plug-in is that it allows end users to work in the WYSIWYG tab and developers to work in the HTML tab simultaneously.

Now that you have seen some of the free WordPress HTML editor plug-ins, you will be able to determine which one is going to be right for your website and the WordPress theme that you have in place.

Petitions can be a great thing because it shows that there is support for multiple people regarding a particular topic. You will have the ability to place a petition on your website to collect as many signatures as needed to show support. There are free WordPress petition plug-ins that make it easy to collect all of the names in an organized fashion.

Start browsing through some of the free WordPress petition plug-ins now:

1. SpeakUp!

SpeakUp! Will allow signatures to be captured on a specific petition form. It is supportive of multiple languages, and it is possible for the petitions to stop accepting signatures after a specific date. Visitors who signed the petition will also have the ability to share with followers on Twitter or Facebook.

2. We the People

We the People
This plug-in is directly associated with White House petitions. This came about after the White House released an API in May 2013, allowing citizens to have a direct line to the White House. When a particular signature threshold has been achieved, the White House has committed to provide a public response. This plug-in will allow a WordPress site to embed the petitions directly from We the People into the site. The features are very customizable, and this is considered one of the top petition plug-ins currently available.

3. Qbloc

Polls and petitions can be created easily and embedded into a WordPress site or blog. Demographic insights are provided by the plug-in, which includes gender, location, and age. It is possible to turn your website into the “go to” place where people can go daily and know that their opinion counts.

4. SpeakOut!

SpeakOut! Will allow you to create petition forms easily on your website. As visitors submit the petition form, a copy of the message will be sent to the specified email address, such as your city’s mayor. Additionally, after a user has signed the petition, they will be given the option of sharing the petition page with followers on Twitter or Facebook in order to capture more signatures. All the signatures are stored inside of the database, and can be exported easily for further analysis and to show additional influential people the collected signatures.

5. SalsaPress

This plug-in will connect your WordPress blog to Salsa. From there, you have the ability to embed sign-up forms, reports, and even events into your WordPress site. Once you have embedded the forms, Salsa Press will keep them up-to-date with any changes that you make within the Salsa website.

With so many different free WordPress petition plug-ins, you will want to take the time to compare and decide which one is going to work best with your WordPress theme.

WordPress can be easily adapted to a website that offers the direct sale of products online. Integrating a shopping cart wordpress plugin with your site will help you to support and sell a variety of products, sorted by different categories. This added functionality will provide your customers with a secure marketplace. Here are some of the top shopping cart wordpress plugins for you to select from.

1. WP ecommerce

WP ecommerce
This is a popular ecommerce plugin that offers many features and this is actively maintained by certain large developer groups. It is a shopping cart word press plugin that offers a built- in table rate for shipping with good integrated shipping companies. This even offer many and free/ low priced add –on for the users. What makes it as a good option is that it works perfectly with any plugin or themes.

2. Shopp

This is a shopping cart wordpress plugin that takes an approach which combines free plugin with a professional paid support. This has excellent sales for all of the products they have. It is also showing many features that are very convenient for every user. Some possibilities are also possible with the help of Shopp plugin. You can apply discount on the product into the whole shopping cart and set up the basic set up needed.

3. WooCmmerce

This is a shopping cart wordpress plugin that is very popular now for the wordpress. This is a wordpress plugin for shopping cart that has great features and these features make it as one of the top contender in online. What makes it ideal for wordpress shopping cart user is that it is very easy to use, letting you store and set up within an hour and get their mobile app feature to properly manage your online store.

4. Market Press

Market Press

This is one of the best selections when you are searching for a plugin. It has a perfect price that you will not regret and aside from that, this has many features too. This will let you run your network store even if how big or small your network is. The low pricing that they offer makes this as a perfect option for a plugin.

5. Cart66

With the combined and extensive features, users of Cart66 plugins will surely not regret in selecting this wordpress plugin. This is the wordpress plugin that mostly works in all theme and plugins in wordpress. Professional support, payment and shipping gateways are also included. It is the one of the best selection for plugin because of its detailed and very rich sets of features.

Selecting from any of these shopping cart wordpress plugins will surely allow you to manage your online shop in a very convenient way. Choose one which you think will be the most appropriate plugin for you and you can surely have are very important to manage when owning and operating an online shop. If you are still planning to create your shop online, try to look for the features of plugins which you will be using in your shop.

Websites will be more effective and attractive if there is a presence of pictures. Most clients are looking for the websites with complete pictures that will reflect to the visions of your business. But, you want to have any idea of what is the best WordPress lightbox gallery plugins to use for your website. Read this article and find out the best lightbox gallery plugins.

1. Lightbox Gallery

Lightbox Gallery
This lightbox gallery plugin is use to add, which is presented within WordPress 2.5. It can automatically change the gallery evasion view into the view of lightbox. A nice plugin feature are the tooltips, which is the pictures captions are being displayed.

2. Add Lightbox

This lightbox gallery plugin automatically adds the entire effect of the lightbox to the entire linked images in a post. The entire pictures from a post are also grouped into one set of lightbox to make a simple gallery.

3. Shadowbox JS

This lightbox gallery plugin is a JavaScript media viewer which is similar to Thickboy and Lightbox. It supports the entire kinds of media (mp3, flash, video…). It is also use as a lightbox drop replacement, without requiring you to edit posts already and it is easier to install and use.

4. Slimbox

This lightbox gallery plugin it is a 7kb popular Lightbox JS v2.0 visual clone by Lokesh Dhakar. It is written with the use of the MooTools framework. It was designed to be more suitable, 100 percent compatible, efficient and small with the unique Lightbox v2.

5. Add Lightbox & Title

This lightbox gallery plugin is automatically enhances the “rel=”lightbox [POST-ID] to the linked of images within a comment and post, and images will be recovered by the title. POST-ID is an exclusive per-post so the entire per-post images are grouped in one set of lightbox.

6. jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries

This lightbox gallery plugin allow using the features of the Lightbox for galleries of WordPress and pictures without touching the code of html. This plugin includes the “Open using lightbox” option on the Setting Panel, which is use before the single images are inserted on your post.

7. Picasa Lightbox

This lightbox gallery plugin is added to your pages and posts without the use of some custom tags, just click the photos tab of this plugin, browse your albums and select the image that you like to insert. This plugin does not allow downloading for your serve the Picasa pictures, instead it is directly displayed. This is one of the easiest and simplest to use.

The advancement of technology is one factor why there are many people throughout the world who are engage in developing and making their own website. In creating an effective website it is good to put some elements that would enhance the value of your own website. Nowadays, there are WordPress File Download Plugins that designed to help you create an alluring and flexible website of your own. If want to belong with these people who want to build an effective website using the best file download plugins, then here are some of the dependable and reputable plugins that can help you.

1. Simple Monitor Download

Simple Monitor Download
This plugin is very useful in specializing tracking and managing download counts in your digital file with the protection of the password. Simple Monitor download has a user interface for uploading, monitoring, managing and tracking digital download. And it also have an advance options and features such as counter download for each digital file, drag and drop interface, can track IP address, assign categories and specific tags in every digital download file and many more options and features that you can use for your website.

2. Download File

Download File
With the use of this WordPress Download Plugins, it will help you to download all your files. It has an advance counters download that can be used by the user in navigating the whole file in the digital. In this installation of this plugins the users can easily use the plugin without any problem or error.

3. WP Filebase

WP Filebase
WP Filebase is one of the most popular file downloader that is capable in supporting categories for the file. The powerful options of this plugins enable limiting traffic when downloading. The best part for this plugin is that it has features that arrange the files according to each category.

4. SS Downloads

This is one of best WordPress file download plugins when it comes in promoting white papers and digital assets in your website. It is basically require in an email address before you serve one specific file in your website. The look of your email will be change if you copy the file through this plugins to the active theme of the folder. It is better that you must rename its original file before you edit.

The WordPress helpdesk plugin is a complete best featured plugin of WordPress that allows the owners of sites and blogs to provide a helpdesk to their clients. It is the perfect solution to provide a full helpdesk feature to your clients. This helpdesk will surely be a great help for your website because it is adequate to achieve the entire needs since the main concern of your website is the support system of your clients.

1. HappyFox Heldesk

HappyFox Helpdesk
This helpdesk plugin is one of the famous WordPress Helpdesk Plugins solutions and businesses array use this with different natures and sizes. It provides the users the skill to change blog comments into tickets straight from the admin dashboard of WordPress. You will be able to start the widget tickets of this plugin in the dashboard of your WordPress, in order for the entire members of the staff to see the completed and pending tickets and all the connected information. If you already activated the feedback ticket on this plugin in the site of your WordPress, customers can easily and quickly make their tickets and at the same time they will have an access to Knowledgebase.

2. Key4ce osTicket Bridge

Key4ce osTicket Bridge
This helpdesk plugin is recreated by the behind team of osTicket WP Bridge on their former WordPress Helpdesk Plugins solution. It will provide the implementation of short code for the user in order to have an assurance that you will be able to avoid the entire issues of the theme, a beautiful design both on the end of user and Admin and thorough with complete HTML which is skilled to rich text editor. It also provides higher management degree straight from their side menu with features.

3. WP Support Tickets

WP Support Tickets
This helpdesk plugin is an open WordPress source of ticket system support, which is designed from the ground up. It is perfect to use for any type of interaction that you like to have with your sponsors, members or customers, from after buying issues to the questions of pre-sale. It provides for the listed members to have an ability to post reply and tickets on their own, it also has a feature that will allow the visitors their messages to be issued with the use of their email.

4. Freshdesk Official

This helpdesk plugin provides to you a number of valuable features for online helpdesk. The first step on this helpdesk plugin is the single sign in. It means that users need to sign in once with the account of their WordPress, then begin to work in this plugin without some required information for sign in. Next, you can implant Feedback Pop-up Widget into your website, in which the users are allowed to offer search feedback and answers. Lastly, is the skill to convert into a ticket any feedback, especially when you have rights & forth Administration.

The above information about the different helpdesk plugins, you should choose one that can provide you great help for the effectiveness of your websites. WordPress Helpdesk Plugin is really needed also to have an efficient and effective websites.

Are you looking for an impressive vertical menu plugin? Well, WordPress is indeed the navigation menu that is perfect for your website. Each and every web developer knows that navigation menu is a very important tool in order to have an efficient website operation. It takes not just the user experience but also the website’s optimization perspective to the next level. No wonder that there are already many software developers who create more menu plugins to give way for a better navigation menu. Here are some top pick for choosing your next WordPress vertical menu plugin.

1. Admin Menus Fixed

Admin Menus Fixed
It doesn’t mean that since you want to impress your visitor, you will choose an expensive plugin. To save but has still the quality that you are looking for, this is already the best menu plugin that you should get. It is not that inexpensive because you can have it for free. It gives you the chance to add more menus. Another great thing for this is that it prevents you from doing so many scrolling. Its features include adjusts automatically and consolidates its toolbar to WordPress.

2. Responsive Select Menu

Responsive Select Menu
This particular WordPress plugin can change any WordPress 3 menu into a dropdown or select box automatically into a small size. Its control panel is highly configurable as one of its features enables you to set up its width breakpoint. If you are already expecting to add some PHP code just to make things work, well, this plugin will never let you add those codes. It is because it automatically works only for you. Plus it is also easy to navigate.

3. Admin Menu Tree Page

Admin Menu Tree Page
If you want a more organized admin menu, well, this said plugin will help you. It is because for all your pages, it will add page tree. Through this, your pages will be easily available whenever you need it. Other great features include viewing pages the easy way and finding for a particular page made possible by its function search-as-you-type.

4. WordPress Menu Vertical

WordPress Menu Vertical
If you are looking for a menu plugin that matches with your WordPress 3.0 and others this plugin will help you to have the best plugin for your website. Its features include interface that is already integrate to WordPress administration, you can use different parameters to customize its menu and it has an awesome flash effects.

It is true that with the advanced technology, there is nothing impossible. It is something the same if you want to create your own website. Before, you need to be knowledgeable about programming language and other things that are focus on web development. Today, there is already software that will enable to create things the easy way.

1. JC Coupon

JC Coupon
This one of the best coupons WordPress plugin that enables you to add more coupons that you want to any page or post that you choose. This particular plugin will also enable you to set an expiry date so that there is duration on when will this pop up in your website and when will it stop. There is a text that you can customize for greater coupon. Plus on post and pages, it also enables you to make shortcodes to suit your purpose. With this, you are sure that in every click of your visitor to this plugin, it will be a sure hit to your affiliate link.

2. Magic WP Coupons – Lite

Magic WP Coupons – Lite
This particular coupon is the one that will create shortcodes for various retailers or stores that you have. You can use these shortcodes on your website most especially if you want to present your discount coupons on your post and pages. With this plugin, it makes things easier to you in defining stores and adding more coupons.

3. Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator
If you love having unlimited coupons, this is the best coupon plugin that matches what you want. One of its great features is that you can set it up to allow its IP address to be used for once. If you are running on a promo, it also includes a feature wherein you can include expiry dates on the coupon. Plus to see if it is already used, its tracking system will juts help you.

If you are new in creating websites, the WordPress application is he best option for you to choose from. If you need to create a drop down menu for your webpage, these plugins are aimed at providing you the perfect solutions.

1. JQuery Mega Menu Widget

JQuery Mega Menu Widget
This plugin will allow you to add mega dropdrown menu for your WordPress page and create widgets that customize mega menus. Features include adding your own style to the skin, animation effect so you can select from any option down or fade, and animation speed if you don’t want any animation effect to hide the menu at the menu bar. Set a sub menu to full width, if selected the mega menu width moves to 100% percent.

2. Responsive Select Menu

Responsive Select Menu
This can be used to create highly customized menu configuration if you have this WordPress plugin. It is important to consider a plan before you create a website that is great for its usability. This plugin helps to automatically turn your WordPress menu into a select box and drop down on mobile devices. This helps to improve your management structure and front end navigation. There is no need to add extra PHP code while providing easier navigation for touch screens.

3. WP Sticky Header

WP Sticky Header
This plugin allows you to display some content and notification at the top and bottom bar of the webpage. Easy to customize and html supported, the WP Sticky Header plugin provides a closable content bar that is shown on all pages and posts.

4. AllWebMenus WordPress Menu Plugin

It combines plugin information that you can use in your blogs. By this plugin, it is easy to generate menu structure code. This has different structures auto item highlight, full cross browser support from the internet, multiple rows and columns on submenus, can display any language, full documents in all features and properties, use three flexible ways to position your menu, choose among options how when where the menu will appear, floating menus, use headers and footer on the sub menu, creates effects, use the advanced copy, and pastes own html code, use several unfolding effects for the submenus, and use customs variables instead of text.