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Having an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) plugin in your website is very convenient in many ways. It is very important to have an SMTP plugin in your website in order for you to transfer emails over the internet without having difficulty. There are several WordPress SMTP plugins available online. They all offer an easy SMTP for your website and they only differ a little. Choose what you think is best for you in considering your demands and requirements.

1. Easy WP SMTP

A plugin where you can send emails from your WP based websites using a preferred SMTP server. Therefore, your emails will be prevented from going to spams or junks of your recipients.

2. Easy SMTP Mail

Easy SMTP Mail
An easy SMTP plugin that will surely benefit you in sending emails from your WP sites by using a preferred server for SMTP. Your emails will be sent via SMTP of PHP mail () function. This is compatible with PHP version 5.6.0. Make sure you are using that version when using this plugin.

3. Postman SMTP Mailer

Postman SMTP Mailer
The first OAuth 2.0 that is capable of SMTP mailer in WP. This is created to address the shortcoming of all major SMTP WP plugins. OAuth 2.0 is the preferred mechanism for authentication of Gmail, Yahoo mail, and Hotmail. Your messages will be sent without any rejection and going to junk/spam.

4. WP Mail Bank – PHP Mailer & SMTP Mailer

WP Mail Bank – PHP Mailer & SMTP Mailer
This is enhanced with an advance SMP option settings instead of the mail () w/ many other options available. You can choose between a custom SMTP preferred server of inbuilt PHP Mailer. The SMTP ports and settings may differ and will depend upon the host provider.

5. Caldera SMTP Mailer

Caldera SMTP Mailer
This plugin is not much differ among the same service providers. This SMTP mailer will simply send your system emails through your preferred SMTP server compared to a standard phpmail


Having this plugin will enable you to configure your WP based site to send an email via SMTP using your own personal email address. This is very useful especially when the WP doesn’t send any emails. Difficulty in sending an email is caused by the server not allowing emails to send via PHP.

7. SMTP by BestWebSoft

SMTP by BestWebSoft
Having this plugin will let you configure sending email messages by SMTP in a fast and easy way. It uses gateways and other email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and many other. There are no troublesome way of configuring when using this plugin.

8. SendinBlue Subscribe Form and WP SMTP

SendinBlue Subscribe Form and WP SMTP
This plugin is an all-in-one email marketing plugin that uses your preferred SMTP server when sending. This plugin is available in English and French versions.

9. CheetahSender WordPress

CheetahSender WordPress
This plugin overrides the wp_mail() function to enable the use of the CheetahSender. You should be a customer of this service for using this plugin. This requires a 2.7 and up version of WP.


<a title="https://wordpress.org/plugins/cheetahsender/" href="https://wordpress.org/plugins/cheetahsender/" target="_blank"  rel="nofollow">
Arranges the wp_mail() task to use this WP SMTP Mail CONFIG plugin in place of mail() and it will create a page option in order for you to administer the settings.

11. Zendy Mailman

Zendy Mailman
This plugin improves in delivering of emails sent to your WP site by using SMTP compared to the PHP mailer of WordPress. This only works with a 3.9.1 and up versions of WordPress.

12. SendGrid

Using a SMTP and API integration, you can send emails through SendGrid from any of your WP based sites. This is an email with a cloud based infrastructure that relieves the businesses cost and complexity in maintaining a custom email system. This plugin is very reliable in delivery, real time analytic and scalability together with its adaptable APIs that makes custom integration perfect.

13. turboSMTP

Configures your WP based website in sending an email using your personal email account via turboSMTP. This is available in Italian, French, German and Spanish languages. This plugin requires a 2.7 and higher version of WP.

14. Mailjet for WordPress

Mailjet for WordPress
Use this plugin in creating and sending personalized Newsletter, gather advanced analytics and sync contacts. It sends your email via SMTP. It requires a 3.2.1 and higher version of WordPress.


Will allow you to send emails by the use of SMTP preferred server than the phpmail function. Just simply download and install and that’s it!

16. Saksh WP SMTP

It integrates the WP to different mailing servers like sendgrid, mandrill, getresponse, SMTP server, cleanmailserver, and Amazon SES. They also offer great customer service when you need one.

17. WP Mail SMTP

Reconfigures the we_mail function to use the SMTP instead of mail. It also creates a page with options that will allow various options specifications.

18. SAR Friendly SMTP

This is using WP native possibilities. No third parties or whatever, just a SMTP friendly plugin for WP. This is a very unique plugin that you will definitely like. Features many things like kiss principle, no SMTP third party libraries and respects the modified fields made by the other plugins.

19. PHPSword SMTP Email Setup

This plugin will let you configure SMTP email add in your WP based site. You are also allowed to setup e-mail add and display your personal information. This is very simple and easy to use compared to other SMTP plugins. Try this one.

20. TWD SMTP Mail

A plugin that will help you in delivering emails from any of your WP blog or page using your preferred SMTP server instead of PHP mail(). This also contributes an email configurations. It creates you a get in touch pages when installing this plugin. This requires a 3.4 and up version of WP.

21. Cimy Swift SMTP

This SMTP WP plugin can send you emails via SMTP and this is very compatible with your Gmail recipients. This is for people that have an hosting server with PHP mail function disabled. This also supports TLS, SSL, STARTTLS encryptions. Requires a version of 3.0 and up in WP.

22. MyMail Multi SMTP

This is a plugin that will allow you to have a multiple SMTP connection in one plugin via MyMail Newsletter Plugin. This requires a 3.3 and up versions of WP.

If you notice the different SMTP plugin mentioned above, they just have a little difference in terms on configuring the mailer into a SMTP. All the plugin mentioned above will definitely give you a good service regarding the SMTP plugin.

Using a book template for designing your cover and inside pages can help to differentiate your book from. Working from a template will also help to maintain consistency throughout your book in a standardized format. The following InDesign book templates will help to quicken your process and get you started.

1. InDesign Secrets

InDesign Secrets
Available for InDesign CS4 version and later, multiple book style templates are available. Many of these templates provide customization options for front and back covers, chapter openers, body text images, and a master page.

2. 48hr Books

48 Hour Books
With various book templates available for self publishing, sizes range from 4.25 inches to 8.5 size. Gain access also to this sites cover size calculator to determine what the proper size of your book should be

3. Book Design Templates

Book Design Templates
This site offers dozens of independently designed book templates. For small fees, gain access to single book, multi-book, or commercial level licenses for the templates. Some templates are offered in bundle sizes with popular styles designed for novels, paperbacks, or hardcovers..

4. Print Book Baby

Print Book Baby
A great resource for writers, more than a dozen book templates are available suitable for comic book size, digest, portrait, landscape, and pocket book sizes. Choose your style and size, click the download button and gain access to a customizable template file for your book project.

5. Stock InDesign

Stock InDesign
With multiple InDesign book template files available on this size, you have several options to choose from for your novel. Just simple share among your social media sites to gain free access and unlock the file download button.

There are lots of WordPress plugins. In fact, there are over 23,000 plugins available in WordPress that is why it is really stress-free for us to look a social sharing WordPress plugins. Here are the top social sharing WordPress plugins.

1. Shareaholic

This plugin is not just a plugin, users can also use this plug in for different management systems. Shareaholic is “all-in-one content amplification and monetization platform.” Features include share buttons, display related content, and supports Tumblr, Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, and more. See social analytics, exhibit related content, and place shortcodes.

2. Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder
This is stress-free to use and straight forward. It helps you add share buttons on your pages or posts. Use different image sets, customize, and use this lightweight plugin for your site. Allows users to add share buttons to all posts and pages.

3. Social Locker

All social buttons to be added to your pages and posts, aimed at improving social performance and advanced traffic to social networks. Features include user images, SEO friendly, nested shortcodes, and fully customizable. Works with four of the largest social networks to get you connected with others.

Word press offers an excellent plugins that can help boost the visibility of your blog. If you are looking for a perfect WordPress plugins, choose the one that will best suit to your unique needs.

Did you question yourself on how to be famous? This is the moment of truth that you’ve been waiting for, the solution to your own question in life, “The WordPress Multisite Plugins”. This is open for the public that will make you famous that you want to be. It allows you to have or to create a website that will help you as a person that has a problem about planning to create a website. You don’t need to have an age limit. It will enhance your skill and will give you a best name in the world. Here are the following Best Multisite Plugins:

1. Theme Switcher

Theme Switcher
One of the best multisite plugins is the Theme Switcher, it allows you and your co-users to switch between in the network-activated themes or anywhere that you can insert the shortcode. This is easy to use just a few click o muse and you can switch your themes.

2. Language for WordPress

Language for WordPress
This Language for WordPress allow you to install for at least seventy-five languages to your Multisite Plugins and by this it will help your visitors to use your site and understand by using their own language.

3. Custom Google Search

This plugin is used in Google to enhance you in searching and it gives you a huge boost. This is the number 1 search engine to enhance your own websites research results. This multisite plugins will completely integrate your website showing the unique results.

4. Comments Control

This Comment Control is a good help for the users that it help preventing spam and it can be used in tandem with the other methods. You can also block the spam IP addresses in a blacklist.

Those are the Best Multisite Plugin that can enhance your skills in creating your website. So what are you waiting for? T This site maker will help you in your business and also to you as a person. Managing your own website is a lot of work but by this plugin this will help you on how to manage your own website. This is the easiest and quickest WordPress Multisite Plugins that you can apply in your own website. It is not a problem if you are a beginner or a new user, those plugins will teach you on how to create your own website.

There are many PayPal plugins to try in the internet and each of these PayPal plugin has almost similar features but is widely different in terms of quality. These wordpress PayPal plugins are usually made for conducting online sales through their own websites. With these the process become easier and faster. Meaning, if the website is considered as online shopping and blog site, the customers can give their payment through the application of PayPal which can be available in the site. This makes it easier for them since there is no need to redirect into the PayPal site to simply transact the payment. If you are into search for the best wordpress PayPal plugins, then you may select form the following.

1. Donate Plugin

Donate Plugin
This plugin is considered one of the best in line of many paypal plugins out there. It gives the user an ability to be paid with bonus form the users in a simple way. It is just about activating the plugin on your wordpress admin panel, then insert the donate widget into your blog sidebar.

2. Multi-Currency PayPal Donation Plugin

Multi-Currency PayPal Donation Plugin
This is paypal plugin that is used for getting donations which will come from your blog users in various formats of currency. If you have your account for accepting donation in different currency format, it is then, the plugin that you are searching for.

3. Are PayPal Plugin

This is a wordpress paypal plugin that is used for monitor your wordpress blog through defining some content as hidden. It is if the users are not registered for that certain part. This has features like the Post/Page which can be set to have the hidden content, administrator to grant access with the paid content for the users, price for all of blogs, and it uses IPN or the Instant Notification Protocol for the payment and content delivery’ full automated process.

4. JW PayPal Short codes Plugin

This is another PayPal for every WordPress users that comes with best features. It is also the plugin that provide the ability to add the PayPal website payments standard to your blog by using some short codes. If you want to sell a single item by using your blog, it is the plugin which can help you on doing that. Yu may easily add it into your cart option of your blogs.

Generally speaking, PayPal plugins comprises lots of features and advantages which can turn a wordpress blog to become a reliable online shopping website. This allows the customers to feel the ease of purchasing and pay what they’ve purchased (products and services) without any further complicated processes to apply. Any of these best online wordpress PayPal plugins can be available at all times. But select the best one if you want to enhance development of your online shopping status and attract more shoppers online.

Why do we use a calendar? The simplest answer to this question is because you are already used and have relied to using it. Google Calendar is a very productive tool, and it may already be put into your work process. Google Calendar is also portion of Google Applications, which was intended for teams and businesses. Before, we are listing manually different events into the WordPress but now it is easy to put your entire event in the calendar. Organizing many activities in Google Calendar, share it with many people, and display and see them all at once or one on one is one of the good features of the calendar. In this aspect it is easy in your part to see and attend all the events in a certain month without missing one. Google Calendar WordPress Plugins display and feeds the events as a calendar list or grid on a page, widget or post.


1. It has notice application to extract events.
2. Display events as list or as a calendar grid.
3. Events and activities from multiple Google Calendar notices and can be shown in a single grid or list
4. Grids and lists can be seen in pages, widgets or within a post.
5. Choices to change the number and date of events can be retrieved, time / date format, cache duration, etc.
6. Event and activity information displayed in a complete customization.
7. Calendar WordPress grids have the ability to change and transform the month displayed.
Her are some of the best Google Calendar WordPress plugins to choose from.

1. Google Calendar Events WordPress Plugins

Google Calendar Events WordPress Plugins
In this calendar plugins you can display some important events and activities you may have in a grid view of the calendar. You can also post events or add it on a sidebar widget. You can also analyze the calendar when it feeds on certain events.

2. All in one calendar plugin

All in one calendar plugin
It is made by Timely. You can view agenda, day, week and month in this event calendar plugin. It supported Apple iCal, Google calendar and Microsoft outlook.

3. Stout Google Calendar

This Stout Google Calendar is easy to install in a website. This calendar has the capability to save one or more calendars. You can choose and use your own color scheme and include sidebar widgets.

4. Google Calendar Weekly Timetable

In this plugin you are free to put the calendar in a weekly color and custom style. You can add post in your site without undergoing any difficulties.

5. Google Calendar Widget

This widget will give you an option to add a widget on the side to demonstrate events from Google calendar. It has software that automatically updates the calendar. In this case the user knows the important events happen in a day, week, month and year.

WordPress pagination plugins provide site owners with the ability to split the list of a post or even a single post into multiple pages. If you integrate this into your site, multiple posts can be used into a list for each page of the viewing screen. There are many wordpress pagination plugins offered to site owners to be used on their site. Here is a listing of some top pagination plugins in no particular order.

1. Smart Pagination Plugin

Smart Pagination Plugin
This is probably one of the best pagination plugin you may select when you are searching for one. This has advanced setting including the gap, the range and the anchor. It has also to give you the general settings on this plugin that is perfect as a pagination plugin to select. This is actually one of the top choices that most of plugin pagination users are looking for.

2. Page Link Plus Pagination

Page Links Plus
This is a wordpress plugin for pagination that really helps every user’s to have their content paginated easily and efficiently. There are many people being encouraged to select their own pagination and this is one of the qualified best/ top pagination as their option. Why? Because it helps to solve four important challenges which are regarding the pagination of the web content.

3. Slide Slider Post Navigator

Advanced Post Slider
The Slide Slider Post Navigation is the wordpress plugin for pagination that allows a user to add post, E-commerce, Page, product and other custom type of post in the side of the navigation button into the Previous and Next Post. These two side buttons has also extra features which is letting the users to display the side navigation sliders on hover of them. Those things make this plugins as perfect options for wordpress pagination plugins.

4. Ajax Pagination & Infinite Scroll for Posts

This plugin is capable of changing default behaviour of the wordpress pagination and it will also add the Ajax methods. This Ajax method will also apply the custom types of post on your website. Once you have chosen this pagination plugin, you have to know about the CSS selectors of whatever your theme is. What also makes it good as a wordpress pagination plugins option is that it really works with unlimited pages. This has options to add the custom class to a customize loader or button default style.

It doesn’t really matter what pagination plugin given above is you prefer when you are determined in selecting one. However, you really have to choose one which you think will be very helpful in selecting the best one. All of these plugins for paginations are proven and tested to be an effective plugins for paginating a website. But they come up also unique that is why you have to select one that has to provide everything you need. You select one from these and you’ll surely get the right wordpress pagination plugins for your website.

To be a successful blogger, you are required to write the content of your blog regularly. It is also said that you must write every day. That is the hardest part of being a blogger especially when you have to consider doing a lot of other things for your daily living.

Fortunately, WP or WordPress has created scheduling plugins which allows you to schedule your writings. To bring it to simpler words, when you are in the mood and you have a lot of time to do a content writing for your blog, you can do it all day and still you’ll be able to assign them to be published on specific dates. You are able to visualize your future post when using this plugins. Some of these plugins include services like managing appointments and booking for online businesses. Here is a variety of scheduling plugins available for WordPress to choose from.

1. Schedulista – Online Scheduling

Schedulista – Online Scheduling
This is an online scheduling plugin that will benefit your business. You’ll be able to connect or communicate with your clients to grow your business. This Scheduler features many things. You can customize your photos, logo and colors. It has free Android app and iPhone App to easily manage the calendar wherever you are. This requires a monthly subscription.

2. Booking Calendar & Appointment Scheduler

Booking Calendar & Appointment Scheduler
Having this plugin will enable you to accept any appointment from your clients 24/7/365 on your blog or website. Your customers or clients are enabled to book an appointment directly from your site or blog. This is one of the best scheduler plugins you can get for free. Over 23,000 online business uses this so you’ll never be wrong in trying this.

3. WordPress Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita

WordPress Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita
This plugin will offer you a self-service of appointment setting online to help capture a more business. It requires a vCita online scheduling software for WordPress to quickly integrate any WP website in few minutes. It will help you to communicate easily in appointment settings. Try the vCita premium package for 14 day to experience their service.

4. vBSocial Photo Scheduler to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In

vBSocial Photo Scheduler to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In
You can do a mass scheduling of images and post it connected to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages easily. This acts as a social media manager that will manage all your post in your social media accounts. Good for increasing your social traffic to your page and site. Though this is only a limited version. Try purchasing the full version if you find it very useful.

5. WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Future Posts

WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Future Posts
The name of the plugin is the common problem and issue in WP post. Having this plugin will give you a solution by republishing 10 of your posts in every session for every 10 minutes. It will not decrease the performance of the server. It will fix and check only all your missed schedules and failed future posts schedule in the database.

6. JoeBooking – Appointment Scheduling For Providers and Salons

Allows you to accept booking and appointments for your business services from your WP based site. This is specially made for business services like massage therapy, tutoring, consultants, instructors, stylist, photographers and all businesses that needs a scheduling. You will enjoy this even more in PRO version.

7. ScheduleMAX Online Scheduling

This is a simple yet a beautiful client scheduler for your website. Having a simple and easy purpose, this scheduler will bring an amazing experience on online scheduling for your site, WP of FB page. This is in a widget form that will only take about 2 minutes on installation and will as plugin in your WP site.

8. Shift Controller – Employee Shift Scheduling

This is a staff scheduling plugin in which you are able to control the shift scheduling of your employees anytime and anywhere online from your WP site. This will also allow you to manage the time offs and holidays hence you can see and assign your available employees. You can try it in PRO version to experience a better service.

9. BirchPress Scheduler – Appointment Booking & Online Scheduling

This plugin will allow your business to practice online booking. This plugin is perfect for businesses such as spas, studios, yoga, photographers, and contractors to have an online booking appointments. You can effectively manage the time and appointments for your clients and also the staffing schedules.

10. Publish to Schedule

This plugin is a scheduler that manages your publishes. Once you have uploaded your post, just click the publish button and the plugin will be the one to manage the publishing date. It depends upon your configuration on the scheduler settings.

11. Content Expire Scheduler

This plugin will automatically expire your pages and posts after selecting a date. A display custom message will appear for people who reached the expiration. This also supports a custom post types.

12. FastBook – Responsive Appointment Booking and Scheduling System

Used for managing and booking appointments for WP based websites. This is controlled by a short code ([fastbook]). All the appointments and booking will be visible to the admin of the WP based page.

13. WordPress Scheduled Time

Displays the schedule data and schedule time of WP post. Good for bloggers with multiple blog posts daily and also having multiple authors. This WP scheduled time plugin primary feature is to display the WP scheduled post time. This also gives a definite summary of posts if published, scheduled, draft and pending review.

14. Post Scheduler

This is a WP plugin in which facilitates the scheduling of the user posts depending upon the user requirement and range of dates. This is compatible in all WordPress version.

15. Scheduled Job Dashboard Widget

A dashboard widget will show next to the jobs from your WP scheduler. This plugin will implement you a new widget in your dashboard.

16. AppointPress – Online Scheduling & Appointment Booking

This plugin is for making appointments and bookings for WP based websites. Acts as your virtual receptionist for 24/7/365. Improved features are made available in their PRO version.

Sometimes, when you make advancement through the life of your WordPress, you might be able to discover some requirements that you and your customers need especially these WordPress Affiliate programs plugins that will help you a lot in your website. Likewise, it is true that having these affiliate program plugins is one of the most convincing approaches to use in advertising your products or items on the web.

Building your own affiliate program member system is more beneficial especially in offering services or promoting products on your website. Here is a look at some of the best affiliate program plugins to incorporate with your WordPress site.

Affiliate Manager WP Plugins

Affiliate Manager WP Plugins
This WordPress Affiliate Program plugins is the most quickest in promoting and developing strategy around. Assume that you offer products or items on your website any you did not put any of these affiliate plugins, in this way you are passing up your major chance for this million dollar industry. Everyone knows that affiliate marketing is one of straightforward approaches to promote your items worldwide. With the use of this affiliate manage you can be able to track, administer and pay your affiliate directly from your WordPress website.

WordPress Platform Affiliate Plugins

WordPress Platform Affiliate Plugins
This is one of the ideal marketing pluginS that permit your user to become your partners , track and click sales and for this you will paid for while you are doing. It coordinates with pro sites, membership plugins and market press that also permit to offer your clients or other users to get the chance to experience the benefit of advertising your own site.

This WordPress Affiliate Program Plugins will give you an opportunity to run your own affiliate program or campaign and give the permission to remunerate your affiliates for upgrading your sales. If you are looking for Best WordPress Affiliate Program Plugins, then here are the list that can help you choose the best for your website.

The advancement of technology is one factor why there are many people throughout the world who are engage in developing and making their own website. In creating an effective website it is good to put some elements that would enhance the value of your own website. Nowadays, there are WordPress File Download Plugins that designed to help you create an alluring and flexible website of your own. If want to belong with these people who want to build an effective website using the best file download plugins, then here are some of the dependable and reputable plugins that can help you.

1. Simple Download Monitor

Simple Download Monitor
This plugin is very useful in specializing tracking and managing download counts in your digital file with the protection of the password. Simple Monitor download has a user interface for uploading, monitoring, managing and tracking digital download. And it also have an advance options and features such as counter download for each digital file, drag and drop interface, can track IP address, assign categories and specific tags in every digital download file and many more options and features that you can use for your website.

2. Filebase Download Manager

Filebase Download Manager
With the use of this WordPress Download Plugins, it will help you to download all your files. It has an advance counters download that can be used by the user in navigating the whole file in the digital. In this installation of this plugins the users can easily use the plugin without any problem or error.

3. WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager
With the use of this WordPress Download Plugins, it will help you to download all your files. It has an advance counters download that can be used by the user in navigating the whole file in the digital. In this installation of this plugins the users can easily use the plugin without any problem or error.

4. SS Downloads

This is one of best WordPress file download plugins when it comes in promoting white papers and digital assets in your website. It is basically require in an email address before you serve one specific file in your website. The look of your email will be change if you copy the file through this plugins to the active theme of the folder. It is better that you must rename its original file before you edit.