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Assigning custom fields in an author’s post is allowed by the use of WordPress. Custom fields is also known as the meta-data. The primary purpose of using meta-data plugin or the custom field plugin is to display little resource information about your mood, weather, and your present activity that will benefit to beautify your website. Meta-data is handled with a pair of key and value. The meta-data’s name will be the key element and the information that will appear in meta-data list on individual post will be the value element. There are several custom field plugins available in WordPress. Choose one on the following list below.

1. Advance Custom Fields

Advance Custom Fields
By installing this plugin, you will be able to customize your WordPress blog in an intuitive, powerful and professional fields. This is a perfect plugin for all WordPress website that requires a more adaptable data similar to CMS or Content Management Systems.

  • Can visually create your own Fields
  • Use different input types like text area, text WYSIWYG, file, image, post object, page link, select, relationship, radio button, checkbox, true/false, date picker, flexible content, repeater, gallery and many more.
  • Can assign fields to different edit pages by using custom location.
  • Easy to load data using simple and user-friendly API.
  • Using native WordPress custom post type and meta-data to ease and faster processing.

2. Advance Custom Fields Limiter

Advance Custom Fields Limiter
Having an advance custom fields you will be able to insert a JavaScript character limiter in your blog. JavaScript character limiter will set a limits on fields and there will appear a character counter next to it in an admin interface.

3. Custom Field Bulk Editor

Custom Field Bulk Editor
This plugin will let you edit your custom fields to post many at once. This is designed to work with all custom pages and all posts types. Also, the plugin include some actions so that the plugins and themes will integrate perfectly and create own extensions to its functionality.

4. Advanced Custom Fields: Field Snitch

Advanced Custom Fields Field Snitch
Install this plugin to inspect easily the Advanced Custom Field keys and values while editing its content instead of doing it manually. You can do it by simply double tapping the escape button and it will reveal the field keys and values in any edit page in Advance custom field fields although it’s still an unofficial AFC plugin.

5. Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome

Advanced Custom Fields Font Awesome
It will add a Font Awesome icon in the ACF fields. It returns icon Unicode, icon element and a Unicode value. Works perfectly with better font awesome library that will automatically use latest version of Font Awesome icons. Compatible with ACF 5 and ACF 4.

6. Custom Field Suite

Custom Field Suite
It will allow you to attach CF to your posts types. Custom field suite will let you visually develop and manage a custom field. This also support the creation via cfs_field_types filter. This is a free and lightweight alternative plugin to ACF.

7. WCK – Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Creator

WCK – Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Creator
Includes tools that will help you maintain custom post types, custom fields, custom taxonomies and metaboxes for pages and post or CPT’s. Also offers an UI set up for custom metaboxes w/ custom field for posts, custom posts types and pages. This uses standard CF in storing data. Will facilitate in creating your custom post type and allows to create easily and edit custom taxonomy for WP w/o having knowledge in programming.

8. Simple Custom post type Custom Field

Simple Custom post type Custom Field
Features about creating custom post types. Adds field types such as date, ref, content, and user ref in list view and also adds metainfo or SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

9. Advanced Custom Fields: Nav Menu Field

Advanced Custom Fields Nav Menu Field
Adds a Nav or Navigation menu in the field type. Requires an ACF version 4 and up. This will allow you to choose from the menu that you have created in WP Admin back end in order to use in your site’s front end. This will serve as a secondary menu that will depend upon the page you are on.

10. Custom Fields Display

Custom fields display on the post content, in frontend w/o editing the existing theme, selected visible field and customize the display order.

11. Custom Fields Creator

Can easily create metaboxes in custom for WP. Supports normal CF and CF repeater groups. You can easily create CF for all post types. Features drag and drop in sorting repeater fields supports any input fields, data handling done with ajax and postmeta saving for data.

12. Advanced Custom Fields: Link Picker Field

This custom field plugin offers you a selection of link that uses the link picker modal dialog of WordPress. This add-on plugin is a new in the field which enables the user to key in a new URL or just to select from the current displayed pages. To install this add-on plugin, an advance custom field is required.

13. Advanced Custom Field: Shortcode Field

To install the short code field, it will require an advance custom field. Entering a shortcode, it will be outputted and executed by using the_field (‘FIELD_NAME_HERE’).

14. Custom Field Snippet

By using this plugin, it will allow you to create and show snippet in which it displays the CF data. You will just paste several code into your themes.

15. Advanced Custom Fields: Widget Area Field

You can easily change or add widget area in all page templates. It will add you a field with a scroll down list of all your widget in WP installation. You can choose a widget area where you would like it to display in the template file by using the_field functions and ACF’s get_field. Works with ACF 4 and up.

16. Advanced Custom Fields: NextGen Gallery Custom Field

This is an extension script for ACF WP plugin. This only works with ACF 4 and up. This script can also be used as a theme. You will be able to link several galleries to your posts, custom post and pages.

17. Advanced Custom Fields: oEmbed Field

Requires an ACF v4 and 5 plugin to use this and a repeater field. Your output field can be an HTML embed, data object or a URL. Also includes an output and preview resolution settings and will welcome all provider that is registered in WP.

There are many other custom field plugins available in WordPress. Select all that will benefit you and whether a CF or an ACF, you will definitely enjoy having one.

WordPress is considered as a blogging tool which is free and open-source as well as a content management system or CMS being based upon MySQL and PHP. It features template system and plugin architecture. WordPress is considered to be utilized by numbers of websites almost all over the world and so becoming more and more popular. It is considered to be the most widely used blogging system on the web and by almost millions of websites all over the world.

Many websites are into using WordPress accordion plugins which are considered to be great in terms of diverse and specific design challenges on a site using WordPress. The following are some of the accordion plugins that are available on the market today for free:

1. Olevmedia Shortcodes

Olevmedia Shortcodes
This plugin offers multitude numbers of diverse shortcodes from an accordion and as well as columns and buttons to info tables, lists and boxes. This as well comes together with a handy button right into the visual editor wherein allowing user to select the type of shortcut to use.

2. Squelch Accordions Shortcodes

Squelch Accordions Shortcodes
This can provide users with shortcodes for tabbed content and for accordions. It could as well provide users with the chance to choose either vertical or horizontal options that other plugins do not allow. Instructions are as well provided. It comes together with different themes and so appearance is on high mark. Themes could be accessed and users could choose from the pull down menu. But this plugin doesn’t have any convenient button into the visual editors.

3. PPM Accordion

PPM Accordion
This is considered as simple yet clean accordion. The plugin offers multitude options and so it adds convenient button into the visual editor which will insert the shortcodes automatically once needed.

4. Arconix

This offers accordions at the same time tabs, boxes, toggles and a lot more. The design is considered as simple and clean. The plugin doesn’t provide lots of instruction and so users are required to know what they are doing. In addition, the plugin doesn’t provide easily built in option in order to change the style.

5. WP UI

This offers accordions, tabs, spoilers and dialogue boxes. Being one among the types of WordPress accordion plugins, it as well has a button into the visual editor allowing users to insert shortcodes into the post easily. It also provides different styles to be applied.

6. Whistles

This plugin from a popular theme and plugin developer named Justin Tadlock. This is considered to be a little different plugin which creates new content type named whistle. New taxonomy called whistle group is as well created. Creating individual whistles and so organizing those in the whistle group can be considered. This plugin allows users to create accordion content into a separate custom post at the same time making it easier to include anything such as videos, wrapped text, images and a lot more.

7. Simnor Shortcodes

This will let users add numbers of different shortcodes’ styles in addition with the accordions like buttons, tabs, columns and a lot more. This places button into the visual editor. Once well-organized popup will appear as users click the button. This will also allow users to have options between closing and opening the accordion panel. It as well has dialogue box for easier way of entering initial content. This plugin offers great convenience on the part of the users.

Those are just some among the WordPress accordion plugins that most website could consider. In the world we have today wherein website is considered as great outlet in order to easily reach possible goals it would be of great importance to consider the best plugin to use and accordion could be one among the best options. Accordion plugin is considered as bunch of paragraph header together with a content that is hidden. There are numbers of good reasons why websites must consider using WordPress accordion plugins for it has numbers of benefits as well, may it be on the part of the website owner and the visitors also. It saves a vertical space which means users have more rooms above the fold. This could be of great solution with the pages having long questions and answers.

On the other hand, there could as well be problems with regards to WordPress accordion plugins which could be the following:

  • Users are provided with too much of information that is unimportant therefore leading to information overload.
  • Feedback will not be provided on the information that is important therefore it would be hard to adjust and tweak it.

But an accordion could definitely solve the given problems. But also avoid the use of accordion once in the following situations:

  • Placing content must be avoided which is considered to be the most important in the accordion.
  • It would be better using it into long pages together with paragraphs as well as headers that could not be interesting for almost all the users.
  • It as well could be used on those frequently asked questions and link categories.
  • Utilize it into a checkout progress. If you are to hide each step it will be easier to focus on the necessary ones.

When building your new website, Real Estate WordPress Plugins is one important tool that you must install in your website. Having this in your website is amazing. If there is one function that your site want to do, chances for someone else needed the same function and a WordPress Developer has created a plugin for this.

Always take caution in using WordPress plugins because you may not be sure enough if these are safe to use. There is a tendency that if this plugins are not quality to put the code it can affect or break your site. So, it is very important that before you install real estate WordPress plugins make sure that it good and good quality plugin for your site. Here are some of the top real estate WordPress plugins to add to your site.

1. Formidable

It is a lifetime license and gravity forms for your website. This is a real estate WordPress plugins that enables the user to create forms with simple in place editing and drag and drop interface. If you want to build real estate WordPress plugins that is simple and fast, this plugins will help you do this for your site.

2. Simple Real Estate WordPress Pack

Simple Real Estate WordPress Pack
This is only a simple real estate plugins package of widgets which is designed specifically for websites and industry of real estate. It includes home calculators, mortgage, statistical charts and listings of business from Google maps and Yelp.

3. IDX

This can help a lot for a real estate agent to sell the property of his client. One of the top MLS solutions available for WordPress users, there are more than 550 feed services used with this plugin. Compatible with mobile layouts, property details, more.

4. WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO
There is no good reason if you do not have this plugin because through this your domain name or website can easily connect with your customers.

5. Customer Review WP

This is a real estate plugin that adds customer review page to your website WordPress that your clients can give and use rating based on the top rating system.

6. Onlywire

This can be used for promoting your blog post with the social media, sharing sites and other social network. Every time you update with your blog on the WordPress it will pick by this plugin to submit to all social networks.

7. Mortgage Loan Calculator

This is a handy tool that will help the user to have an accessible and fast connection with the potential clients.

8. WordPress.com

Using this you can easily connect with social networks and add many features as you can to your website.

So, if you are building your website or blog, this information can help you choose for the quality real estate plugins that fit for your website WordPress.

Perhaps, you are familiar with the word ‘Cron’, as it is related to the scheduler’s time-based in Unix systems. WordPress has cron to scheduled run specific themes. Certain examples of how WordPress uses internally its Cron system are plugin updates, checking for the theme and checking if there are any posts that are ready to be published. Consequently, there are numerous functions that the WordPress provides in using the cron. Here are some WordPress cron plugins that can help in taking cron to the succeeding level and can make things easier to accomplish.

1. Simple Cron

Simple Cron
WordPress Simple Cron Plugin is a kind of device to monitor and manage WordPress Cron Scheduling System. In this plugin, you can review the present scheduled actions, produce your new schedule and also create new jobs.

2. Easycron

Easycron equip dependable online cron job service internationally. Its easy-to-use webcron have aid many users who are picky on task arrangement perfectly configure cron works or jobs. Some of its features are, Supports Standard Cron Expression, Cron Job Execution Logs, Random Cron Jobs, Email Notification, Timezone Adaptable and Run Time Prediction.

3. Improved Cron

This plugin may help you when the cron is not running the way you expect it. It provides awareness exactly into the WP Cron comparable to the Cron View plugin. This plugin will take visit on your site every single of minute and ensures that the job of your cron will run on time. It is frequently intended for those who cannot utilize cron for a certain cause.

4. Cron Debug Log

Once active, this plugin logs failed results of wp_remote_post calls from wp-cron to the options table of the site with a selection name of ra_http_CWP_HTTP_Streams + timestamp. The option_value comprises the call’s result. This serves as a troubleshooting aid on sites that are having some issues of the cron. Once the issue of the cron had been recognized and modified, the plugin deactivated. When troubleshooting is already done, you can eliminate the option records that were created by this plugin with the use of your database management tool.

5. Run External Crons

This permits using WordPress as a cron method or system that will success external URLs on a reserved or scheduled basis. The user can submit interval and URL, this URL must be unlocked by the WordPress. This can be utilize for other sites of the WordPress that are on hosts where it is difficult in setting it up and do not have innate cron system.

6. WP- Cron Control

This plugin take control over the implementation of cron jobs. It is commonly useful for sites where the cron’s execution thru regular methods causes race conditions which results in numerous execution of wp-cron or the sites which don’t get adequate comments in ensuring a regular execution of wp-cron. This plugin implementing a secret parameter and ensuring that the cron jobs are just executed when this parameter is present.

It is cooler and easier using WordPress Cron plugin because it will enable you to make your own schedule and job and gives you less stress and effort. Aside from that, it is an interesting, nice and effective tool in helping your plugin vigorous. Learning and understanding all about WordPress Cron plugin and putting it into training with real world application is the good and best way in terms of scheduling events.

You already experienced waiting too long in transferring data or files from your computer to your web. Sometimes, you encounter problems and worst the files are gone or out of nowhere. There is a solution regarding that matter. FTP or File Transfer Protocol is known as the most commonly used transfer protocol for more than years, thus secure connection is not being offer. It is a simple and fast way in transferring files from one computer or laptop to another over the internet. Here is a collection of some great FTP WordPress plugins you can use to assist you with managing your site.

1. FTP Access

FTP Access
It doesn’t require FTP credentials for every install or update, and furnish FTP credentials before you upgrade plugins or itself.

2. MiwoFTP

It browses folders and files, show file sizes, names, permissions and file types. It can also move, delete and copy files, search for folders and files, and download and upload images.

3. UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration
Support the backups of WordPress to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive and Rackspace Cloud Files. It has quick restoration, can automatically backup on a recapping schedule, site migrator or duplicator and the database or file backups can have distinct schedules.

4. FTP Sync

FTP Sync
It will allows you to remote media uploads and sync local, plugins folders and theme files with just one click through FTP. If ever you attempt to custom it from your development server, you will receive a message reminding you that you’re not on your own localhost. The admin bar link will be on localhost copy but not on the development server admin bar.

5. Media from FTP

Record to media library from the data or files that have been uploaded by the FTP. This can create both a thumbnail of image file and metadata such as audios, images and videos. It can also modify the time or date.

6. Uploaded to FTP

This will permit you in uploading file and download host.

How is FTP important?

There are times when you are activating and installing a plugin with the use of WordPress, just to find out that the plugin is unsuited with a present plugin. Sometimes this incompatibility causes a white screen of loss through the site which will lock you out from anything that you do. If you have knowledge on using FTP, you will just login and cancel the plugin with the use of FTP connection. When you try frequently to paste codes from discussions into your theme’s functions.php file, you unintentionally lock yourself out. This can only happen if the code that you have pasted was either in the wrong place or the code was incorrect. You can get out of trouble when you know how to use FTP.

Knowing how to utilize FTP is a great help in transferring files from your computer, and the beginner’s next step up. People all over the world are already using FTP WordPress plugins and have acquired benefits. It will surely help you in saving a lot of stress and time.

Most people love music. It adds comfort and lightens your mind in times of your sadness and misery, and serves as your friend in your joyful moments. You can hear music in the radio, television and even in the internet.

Embedding sound streaming into websites is getting normal. Media on website sets to stay and equip for better experiences amid viewers. An online music player furnishes different capacities in creating a definite jukebox on the sites. It provides you with the things that you need through extending the different sizes and shades that will fit on the outline of the web. There are best tools in placing sound or music for web originators and musical artists. Here is a list of the best WordPress mp3 player plugins for websites and logs.

1. Compact WordPress Audio Player

Compact WordPress Audio Player
This plugin is compatible and perfect to major browsers and devices like iPhone, Android and iPad. This utilizes in setting an audio file for mp3 on the post or page of the WordPress by a short code. This audio player is cute and compact which plays on major browsers. The plugin for audio play supports .mp3 and .ogg file formats. Also, this plugin is known as compact because it doesn’t need on webpage a real estate. This is compatible to HTML that the plugin’s audio file will operate on any iOS device, and perfect for different browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE7, IE8 and IE9.

2. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player for WordPress

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player for WordPress
This will give you chance in including a full playlist or single soundtrack to your WordPress site using shortcode. This kind of sound player differs from the other because it talks all about main browsers like Mac and PC, and also on multipurpose mechanisms integrating iPad/iPhone. It is possible in cover art, displaying ratings and buy or download link when you need.

3. Total Control HTML5 Audio Player Basic- WordPress

Total Control HTML5 Audio Player Basic- WordPress
This is jquery plugin which streams sound and features a sensible playlist. The playlist lines might be transferred in improving the tune request. Aside from that, it can enable the users in choosing for songs to be skipped and repeated.

4. CP Media Player- Audio Player and Video Player- WordPress

CP Media Player- Audio Player and Video Player- WordPress
This plugin supports all the major work and browsers on all sorts of gadgets or tabs such as iPhone, iPad, and more.

5. HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist- WordPress Plugin

Allowable to effortlessly use HTML5 the constituent empower local music or sound playback inside the program. It backs browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and more.

6. Flash MP3 Player

This a free plugin, permitting you in playing music quick and simple on your site. Just insert it into your site and player will check a stated organizer and structure a playlist immediately. One feature that it offers to the users is a play list that Is shuffled.

The technology is very helpful in terms of communication and online business. It can provide good access to other people and make things quick and easier to do. Indeed, these WordPress mp3 player plugins are great help to every individual.

With the use of internet, you are allowed to connect with your loved ones, to other people and do business. It makes the world smaller as it plays a vital role in the lives of every individual through its numerous uses. People live in a multilingual world. This means that there are different languages that people are using in terms of communicating either verbally or written. Regarding that, many people are asking how they can understand other languages aside from their own language and other website’s language. To answer that, you need to localize your site.

There are many efficient techniques in teaching you in doing it correctly. This starts from manual translation equal to utilizing the agencies’ services that are specializing in the translation of software or websites. It can be achieved with the use of WordPress localization plugins. With this, you can make one sub folder or directory for English speaking visitors, for French, Spanish, and more. Many companies are using this set up in order for their presence online will be secured to one domain and in communicating with their customers all over the world. Below are some of the WordPress localization plugins that can help you in adding languages into your site.

1. Code styling Localization

Code styling Localization
You can edit and manage all the text translation files (*.po/*.mo) outside WordPress Admin Center directly without needing an external editor. With its use, it can make automatically translation files, can detect ‘gettext’ components, supporting both WMPU plugins from 1.60 version and bbPress and BuddyPress, and translating encrypted premium plugins.

2. Easy Translator

Easy Translator
It is known as a machine translator intended for blog posts, you can create plugin translations with its help. Email support built in, and translators will be able to send/resend directly the PO files from the plugin window.

3. Transposh WordPress Translation

Transposh WordPress Translation
It adds support in translation to WordPress into 67 languages. Translations can be manually corrected with ease. It can drop/drag interface, translates all comments, contents, RSS feeds and external plugins without changing .po/.mo files. It has hidden translated elements such as meta contents, titles and link tags.

4. Loco Translate

Loco Translate
This plugin can translate directly WordPress themes and plugins in your browser. It can translate easily from your admin the PO files, and update or create directly the language files in your website.

5. Translate This Blog Translator

This plugin will aid you in translating your blog into various different languages. The languages pack’s button also added to the upper part of each post. This is an effective and simple way in translating your blog or site into 35 languages.

6. Translate This Button

It is an AJAX/JavaScript translation widget. It can provide translation to 52 languages along with a number of customizable choices. Using this, you can utilize custom pictures for the button, modify easily the UI text and Google Analytics tracing built in, can disable cookie that automatically translate the full site and can achieve languages from the dropdown.

7. Mealingua Posts and Pages Transalations

This plugin’s main advantage is its flexibility and simplicity. The purpose of the plugin is the translation of posts and pages on your site, and in translation plugin, all texts are manually managed and does not work with rendition or translation services.

8. QTranslate

It adds translation support and adds user-friendly multilingual content management to any of the WordPress blog or website. It creates human translation, has number of plugins consists into the package, doesn’t involve alteration of .mo files in customizing languages, and single-click swapping between languages.

9. GTS Translation Plugin

With this plugin’s help, you will drive more global traffic to your blog or site through providing high value translation and SEO of translated content. It will upsurge your traffic within 2 months by 30%, supporting over 30 languages, private server and secure is used for translations, translate thru crowdsourcing, and includes retweet button.

10. Microsoft AJAX Translation

A simple and quick option for you in translating your blog with the use of Microsoft Translator API. Translation API can support 38 languages, detects both the source of your language and the language of your visitor, AJAX-powered translation and the ‘on demand’ translation included.

Did you know that there is already available software that will allow you to post job updates and information right through your WordPress website? Plugin allows the user to create or even post job-board list, updates, applications and everything about job. It also allows the users to sort, change and archives them in just a couple of minutes. It supports the entire features that you need in order to manage the job opening of your organization.

Once you have already inserted short-code to your page, you can easily view all the vacancies from various search form through organizations, salary, categories and others. You can get this search form if you are already authorized as candidate. If you are one of the candidates, you will now be allowed to submit or upload CV, choose a category in which the vacant list positions is already formed within 24 hours while the recent search conditions has been saved and be used in the future search template. When it comes to WordPress job board plugins, you can choose from variety of options and it includes the following.

1. Job Manager

Job Manager
This type of WordPress job board plugins is designed for posting all the available post positions in a particular organization and it also allows the visitors and applicants to conveniently fill out the job application forms directly on your WordPress website. Through this website, you will be able to create lots of job via multiple categories including icons, images. You are also allowed to manage all of the job openings in your company or organizations and you can also display multiple job widgets.

The applications can be given to you through email and these applications are filtered for specific criteria. When it comes to viewing the applications, there is nothing to worry about because you can easily view it by means of job application interface embedded in the website. If you want to inform your friends, families, colleagues and everyone about the job opening employment opportunities, schedule of follow-up interview and more in your company, you can easily send an email by group. There is no need for you to send them email one by one because this plugin will allow you to send by group.

2. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager
This plugin type is known as the best WordPress job board plugin which can be integrated in your WP theme seamlessly. In this plugin type, the administrator is responsible in setting the currencies which are allowed. They can also create lots of promotional coupons and codes, create emails automatically, assign price for innovative job listings and more. In addition, the admin has also the capability to create multiple categories, PayPal payments and various types of jobs effortlessly. This plugin also comes with great and unique sets of job board widgets such as jobs categories, job search, job types, job board menu, job feeds, recent jobs as well as featured jobs.

3. Zartis Job Plugin

Zartis Job Plugin
This is also one of the WordPress job board plugins that will enable you to have unique job page on your WordPress site. This will also enable you to add or even edit all the job vacancies quickly and easily. In the use of this plugin, you will surely find it beneficial since it hep you in making your job easier. This will enable you to manage the applicants who have applied for the job position securely through the use of online app. In addition to that, Zartis Job Plugin will also allow you to quickly and easily create job page and automate the recruitment processes.

4. Resume Submissions and Job Postings

Resume Submissions and Job Postings
In this plugin type, the administrator are allowed to create then show job postings while the users are given the chance to submit their resume quickly and easily as a response to the particular postings or this may also serve for general purpose. If there are job postings updated on the WP site, the users can easily take a look at them to know whether they will be qualified or not. Once the information or resume has been submitted, the administrator is now responsible in viewing the resumes submitted, edit and remove them eventually.

5. Job Listing

Job Listing
If you are looking for a plugin that can be customized, Job Listing is a good choice. This will enable you to customize the job board that you have created. With the use of this plugin, you can get your affiliate ID wherein this will serve as the item which will provide you with commission whenever there is a job posted by the employer.

6. WP Careers

This is one of the WordPress job board plugins that will help you in turning your WordPress blog into online resume or job site. Potential candidates or applicants are allowed to register, upload images, create profile, edit or add their resume. Also, the admin has the capability to deny or approve all the submissions and they are also responsible in modifying, deleting or creating them. This will enable you to build online resume and job website wherein the applicants will be able to easily add, update and edit their profiles.

This type of plugin is designed for the standalone WordPress websites. Aside from uploading photos or images, you can also change or even remove the descriptions. In this type of plug in, the admin can convert inactive candidates to active applicants. They can also efficiently manage all the job hunters along with their employer profiles. They are also responsible in viewing and managing records through remove, modify and add entries.

7. My Job Application

This plugin is developed through the use of PHP and MySQL. This is the plugin wherein it provides simple yet best way of utilizing the Indeed.com’ API feed in your WordPress blog. With the use of this plugin, you will be given a great chance of creating job database through the use of various job sources that you have.

The aforementioned WordPress job board plugins will surely be a great help not just in managing your business but also in managing a number of applicants who are aspiring to get employed.

WordPress booking can be easily done with the use of WordPress hotel booking plugins. It is very essential especially for the booking business online like hotels, apartments, rentals and more. It is actually necessary for managing time in following important daily events such as meeting schedules, coaching and many more. In WordPress, booking can become an essential feature for your website. Integrating a booking calendar can provide access to event activity scheduling for items such as Yoga classes, fitness lessons, training sessions, meetings and other related activities in everyday life.

The use of a WordPress hotel booking plugin can also provide travelers an ability to automatically reserve and check room availability at a hotel or other rentals such as condos. Many booking plugins on WordPress include an easy reservation process along with the time, place, and other related matters that complete the reservation request online.

1. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar
The booking calendar is usually included on most WordPress booking sites that offer booking services online. This plugin is very flexible and with Booking admin panel. This shows or displays bookings within the Calendar Overview or within the listing Table. It is very easy to install and use in your created website.

2. Booking System

Booking System
The Booking system greatly functions in booking hotel rooms, house rentals and make organized schedule for your appointments like meeting with the doctor, lawyer, going to salon, taking time for gym, yoga classes and more.

3. Bookings

It is one of the best plugin to enable booking services online into the website. This supports various languages and cater good interface for the booking admin panel. The administrator can control all reservations and can also delete browse and modify all reservations included in the system.

4. Easy Reservation

Easy Reservation
This plugin is made specifically for managing, receiving and keeping all of bookings in a very easy way. This came possible with the use of a flexible availability of the calendars, clear overview of the calendar, forms and the smart table. Because of these, perfect booking schedule can be expected.

5. WP Reservation

This system is a very simple booking system for the WordPress. This plugin allows the guests to have their reservations using the per-day basis and involves easy understanding about the color coding for all booked days and available room. With this WordPress, customizing the booking system itself is possible as long as it suits your need.

These mentioned best plugins for WordPress are the best plugin to choose when selecting a WordPress hotel booking plugins. With these, the booking system of a hotel through the website they have can make the hotel’s efficient booking website. These plugins can also help the hotel’s website to provide guest the easiest way of visiting and making a reservation at their hotel.

WordPress is a free, open source tool for blogging. It also serves as a tool for the management of content’s system that is based on the MySQL and the PHP. It features template system and plugin architecture. With a WordPress question and answer plugin or also known as the WordPress Q&A, creating additional content on the website and include a powerful dimension from within. This allows for user generated content to occur in large quantities for your website. Yahoo is an example of a large content tool used to collect feedback from the website visitor and permit users to vote on different issues, build communities online, and more. Here are some existing WordPress question and answer plugins that can be used to be easily integrated to your existing site.

1. AnsPress

The Anspress is a free plugin that can work with best interface in all testes plugins. It has a comprehensive set of options that allows fair and extensive configuration of plugin behavior. It has a clean layout with simple yet excellent color used in distinguishing answers, comments and questions. This may not be full featured like the other Q&A plugins but it is really an attractive and very easy to integrate as existing theme.

2. DW Q&A

The DW Q&A is a competitive Q&A plugin online. It has a comprehensive set up for the page allowing easy management of all plugin aspects such as extensive permission, and editing abilities to seven templates of the email. Its interface is attractive and slightly monotone. Overall, DW Q&A exists and serves as a product with impressive solution for creating theme.

3. WP Answer

The WP Q&A has included its own responsive theme. It is a WordPress Q&A plugin that doesn’t go for Stock overflow look but provides simple and equal layout. This includes reputation system, built-in moderation and social media. It can turn a website to become populated with the content from Yahoo Answers that is an interesting approach to encourage tentative questions.

Selecting from any of these WordPress question and answer plugins will lead you to the advantages that it has to provide with your created website. Any of these selections can provide features that will be helpful in coming up with the right option for WordPress Q&A plugin.