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3 Cub Scout Flyer Templates

If you’re a member of the Cub Scouts, then you know how important it is to run membership drives every year. A good Cub Scout flyer template will be able to help you promote your organization, get parents and the community involved in a special event, or even help with fundraising efforts if you need to help your budget out a bit. That’s the best part about using these templates: they are low cost, look professional, and well help you create a great first impression.

Here are the best templates that the internet has to offer, collected just for your consideration right now.

1. BSA Pack Recruitment Resources – http://www.scouting.org

The first place to stop for your Cub Scout flyer template needs is the Pack Recruitment Resources that are available online. Put out by the Boy Scouts of America, you’ll find a number of online solutions that will effectively meet many of your needs. The designs are specifically created to invite people to join your pack and be excited about having an adventure. Outside of flyers, you’ll also get social media images, email templates, and banners to have placed on your website or participating community partners.

Boy Scouts of America

2. Central Region Venturing – http://www.crventuring.org

The whole point of a good recruitment flyer is to have the right combination of images and text so that you have a great call to action through the combination you’ve selected. You’ll get to have the full customization that you need with your Cub Scouts flyer with the three options that are available here and you can emphasize your pack’s fun levels through your own photos or the available stock photos on the size. You’ll have your flyer designed in no time at all.

Central Region Venturing

3. Image Group Ink – http://www.imagegroupink.com

If you’re looking for something that is a little different from the usual pack fare, you’ll get an affordable professional printing solution from this custom Cub Scouts flyer template. With prices as low as $0.03 per flyer for a custom order, you won’t kill off your yearly budget trying to recruit. They also print under an official license from the BSA and this logo is included in the design.