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5 Free Bake Sale Flyer Templates

A bake sale is the time honored tradition of being able to raise money for a good cause. Whether it’s for school, for church, or for your local non-profit organization, people aren’t just going to magically know that you’re planning an event, will they? Of course not. You’ve got to promote the event, but do so on a budget so you can maximize your revenues. These free templates will help you do just that. Here are the best that are available right now, put together for your consideration.

1. Bake Sale Flyers – http://bakesaleflyers.com/

Sometimes the basic free template is the best template around! This option gives you a beautiful graphic that will allow you to graphically add the text you need from virtually any photographic manipulation software program. You’ll get a shabby chic design that you can then print out as a beautiful flyer or a digital image that can be distributed across your social networks or posted to a Facebook invitation page. It’s so easy that it can be finished in just a few moments.


2. Hloom – http://www.hloom.com

This bake sale template will take the image of your fundraising efforts to a brand new level! With places for specific sponsors to be mentioned and space for all of your details, this free template provides large print fonts for easy reading while providing a visual sample of potential baked items that could be purchased with a visit. There’s also a place for a dedicated website to the event or a sponsoring company for added value.


3. MS Office – http://office.microsoft.com/

This free template will give you the basics that you may need to get information out into your community about your sale. There’s a lot of room for a description of the event, plus places for the date and time that are at a diagonal for added emphasis. There’s a place for contact information in the footer and the bright yellowish tinge off-set by purple will definitely be noticed by people who catch this flyer with their eye.

Microsoft Office Template

4. Avery – http://www.avery.com/

With a fun background that shows off baking utensils and a classic graphic that will translate well to people who prefer modern and traditional looks, this free template will give you exactly what you need. It’s a landscape template that lets you put in your title and description, so come up with a great call to action! You’ll need to specifically include all of your contact details, however, because there isn’t a dedicated place for that in this template.


5. Art Skills – http://www.artskills.com

This free flyer template attempts to put the fun into the bake sale with a unique look at love. The initial template was intended for an animal shelter, but you can quickly change the text to suit your needs without needing to change the graphics at all. You’ll have a large block of text for the details of the event and there’s also a place for specific instructions if you’re trying to encourage other donations beyond the cash from the bake sale as well.