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3 Relay for Life Flyer Templates

The Relay For Life is one of the most exciting fundraising events there is in the world today. It is a place for everyone to come together on equal footing to work for a good cause. In order for your community to raise the most money possible, you’ll need to do some PR work to get more teams signed up and raising sponsorships for their work. These Relay for Life flyer templates will help you do just that, sometimes in just a few minutes! Here are the best that we’ve hand-selected for your consideration today.

1. Freepik – http://www.freepik.com/

If you want to hand out flyers for your event that help to generate interest by counting down the days until the event, then this celebration flyer design could be just the thing that you’ll need. You can count down the time left to any event through the fully customizable text to let people know just how much time they have until they need to get their team ready. You’ll create a sense of urgency with this type of flyer, yet still have a professional image.

Freepik Custom Countdown Flyer

2. MS Office – https://store.office.live.com/templates/

If you’re really on a budget, then this event flyer template from MS Office will still give you the chance to effectively promote your event without having to spend a whole lot. The template opens up in Microsoft Word and allows you to put in one solid image that will promote the Relay For Life event in your preferred way. There’s plenty of room for extra text about the details of your specific event and you can provide instructions to people about how to sign up or what they’ll need to do to participate.

Microsoft Office Relay for Life Templater

3. Juke Box Printing – http://www.jukeboxprint.com/

This flyer design will help you create your flyers from scratch in a browser-based platform that will let you import your images and put in whatever text you want. There are numerous sizes in this flyer template design so you can get the perfect size automatically and ordering prints of your design is incredibly easy. For a customizable, paid printing design, this is one of the best options on the internet today.