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5 Pull Tab Flyer Templates

One of the most effective ways to advertise services or a specific event in a public place is through the use of a pull tab flyer. These flyers help to inform people of the critical data that they need to know about your event or your goods and services, plus there are several tabs on the bottom or side of the flyer that let someone take the contact information about you with them so they can contact you once they get home. These are the best of the best templates that are available on the internet right now and they’re hand-selected just for you.

1. MS Office – http://office.microsoft.com/

This pull tab flyer that works with Word, Publisher, and open source word publishing programs similar to MS Office will have you quickly get your flyers posted. There is a nice background in the background that works with almost all types of businesses and services and there is lots of room for your key points. Throw in a tagline if you wish or highlight a specific benefit and then plug in your contact info into the pull tabs that are dashed so you can quickly cut them apart for easy tearing after the flyer has been posted.

Microsoft Office Pull Tab Templater

2. Small Business Graphic Design – http://www.small-business-graphic-design.com

The pull tab flyer is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising a specific product, event, or service to your community, but sometimes you might need a template that is browser-based because you don’t want to or can’t download something at any given moment. This set of free flyer templates can be edited online and you can even directly print the finished product from your browser as well. This way you can get your job done in minutes, not have to worry about any downloading problems, and still get a quality result.


3. Free Flyer Templates – http://www.freeflyerstemplates.org/

For a stunning template that features an eye-catching black and white design, this template features larger pull tabs and a header graphic that will help you get the point across no matter where you decide to place the finished product. The design is geared more toward the educational business, just as tutors, schooling, or libraries, but it could be adapted to meet other needs as well. There’s a lot of usable space with this flyer as well, which gives it a tremendous advantage.


4. Printable Flyer Templates – http://www.printableflyertemplates.net

Sometimes the basic design is the best design when it comes to a pull tab flyer. This template comes in a .doc format and gives you dark blocks to separate your header from your basic advertisement. There’s enough space to put in a picture with a description if you want, or you can just utilize the content area as a large text block. The pull tabs are of a single line design, so you’ll get more tabs per flyer to increase your visibility.

printableflyertemplates pull tab template

5. Juke Box Print – http://www.jukeboxprint.com/

For a browser-based option, you can quickly put in all of your text and even change the dimensions of the pull tabs if you want. There are font options available as well and you can choose to have a portrait or landscape design. This template editor has a lot of tools and may be the best option of them all.