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3 Spaghetti Dinner Flyer Templates

One of the fundraising traditions that many communities and non-profit organizations have is the spaghetti dinner. The margins on this kind of dinner are phenomenal and people leave satisfied because their stomachs are full and they were able to support a good cause. If you need to get word out about your upcoming fundraiser, then a flyer template can help you create a visually stunning document that will leave a good first impression. That will encourage people to come to your fundraiser more than anything! Here are the best available right now, hand-selected from the internet just for you!

1. PTO Today – http://www.ptotoday.com/

For a quality flyer template that will specifically work to create a great first impression, this Word-based template can be quickly updated to meet your needs. Double Italian flags are situated on the top of the document and there’s clipart of a happy pasta chef to promote your event as well. The template includes places where people can sign up for the event through an RSVP or offer to volunteer for the fundraiser as well. Best of all, this template is completely free.


2. BrightHub – http://www.brighthub.com/

It’s a little far down on the page, but there’s a good, effective spaghetti dinner flyer template in this article that will let you get your information across quickly and effectively. You’ve got two oval spaces of colored emphasis that will help you make two key points plus plenty of space to put in other details that you might want to share. This template is highlighted with a clipart image of spaghetti, but you could easily superimpose your own image if you wish.


3. DocStoc – http://www.docstoc.com/

This free spaghetti dinner flyer might just be the most attractive of them all. It’s designed to mimic a classic formal dinner invitation and is headlined with four quality images of a good dinner. A boxed area on the template allows you to put in the menu details, the time of the event, and any special circumstances that attendees might need to be aware of as they make their plans to stop on by.