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4 Carpet Cleaning Flyer Templates

Does it seem like your carpet cleaning business has slowed down just a bit? Would you like an easy, cost-effective way to promote your business throughout your community? These carpet cleaning flyer templates are a simple way to quickly print out hundreds of flyers that you can distribute door-to-door or through a targeted direct mail campaign. Some of them will have you printing a professional flyer in just minutes. These are the 5 best on the internet right now, hand-selected just for you.

1. Cleaner Print Buys – http://cleanerprintbuys.com

With a place to put in your logo and the ability to fully adjust your text, this browser-based template is a great way to get started with your local advertising campaign. These flyers are professionally printed for a fair, competitive price, but in return you’ll get a high quality document that has room for four coupons to encourage a customer response. Put in the key services that you provide and this full color flyer will make a dramatic impression when it is seen. Free shipping is even available.


2. Five Cube Cleaners – http://www.5cubecommerce.com/

If you’re looking for a modern flyer template that incorporates the best of the popular infographic design, then this is the option you’re going to want too use. There are three specific designs that are used in this template so you can get the perfect look for your flyer. Large text helps you categorize a one-word message to grab someone’s attention and there are places for your specific images as well. Put in your logo and contact information and you’re ready to go.


3. Freepik – http://www.freepik.com/

Sometimes the only thing you need to get started on a quality flyer is a quality background image. This free photo template will let you get a free download that will let you put your own text over the image so you can promote your carpet cleaning business effectively. Put on your logo, add a couple lines of text about your services, and make sure you’ve got your contact information on there. With a little editing, you can print out this completed photo flyer in no time at all.


4. MS Office – https://store.office.live.com

Sometimes simple is better than complicated. Sometimes free is better than a few hundred dollars. The proof of these two concepts is with this PowerPoint based flyer template that you can quickly fill-in with your information. There’s a place for your logo, a quality image already in place that can be easily substituted, and lots of open space for all of your key points.

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