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4 Auto Detailing Flyer Templates

Even though auto detailing is often considered a destination business, you’ve still got to promote your presence to your local community. You could go the paid route for your advertising and get an advertisement produced that runs on local radio or TV, but even that won’t reach every potential customer in any given neighborhood. You’ve got to have a quality free flyer template that will let you get the word out about your best services is a cost-effective way. These examples are the best on the internet today, hand-picked just for you.

1. Freepik – http://www.freepik.com/

You don’t need to have a complex flyer in order to have an effective one. This free template will give you a basic logo and the ability for you to put in your business name and tagline. You can copy specific text onto this flyer if you need to provide an additional bit of information to finalize the sale, like a special on your painting rates that might be going on for a limited time. This template is so easy that you can literally be printing your flyers in less than 3 minutes.


2. MS Office – http://office.microsoft.com/

This event flyer template can be perfectly customized to meet your auto detailing needs. Use the image area to show off one of your best jobs, fill in the text where appropriate, and you’ve got plenty of room for all of your contact information. Best of all, because this template works with all MS Office and open source word processing programs, you won’t have any hassles in trying to get your data fully customized so the look will be perfect every single time.

microsoft office template

3. All Free Download – http://all-free-download.com/

The trend of the modern flyer is to provide an abstract background that corresponds to a number of key points that you’d like to make about your business. This free template will help you effectively make four solid points about your auto detailing business in a visually attractive way. Each block of information is individually separated and coordinates with a modern pie chart that is broken into four corresponding pieces. The result is an effective advertisement of your services.

All Free Download Vector Graph

4. Uprinting – http://www.freebookez.net/

If you’re looking to create a template from scratch and just need to make sure that you’ve got the margins right, then Uprinting is the way to go. You can select the specific size of the blank template you want, put in the folds to the flyer that you may need, and then you just download the template. From there, you just add your own graphics and text for the fully customized experience you want to provide your potential leads.