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4 Best Free WordPress CSS Plugins

WordPress is widely regarded as the best free platform for site building. In addition to this platform, there are also a variety of plugins that are available to improve both the function and visual appeal of your WordPress site. Different plugins have different purposes, but WordPress CSS plugins are specifically designed to improve the design and layout of your site. This is done through the use of text, colors and layout options. CSS plugins can work differently and some are easier to use than others. Choosing the WordPress CSS plugin that is right for your site can be a bit of a challenge. When you are ready to add a WordPress CSS plugin to your site, these are the best options available.

1. Simple Custom CSS

Simple Custom CSS

This is a more basic plugin, but it is good enough to meet the CSS needs of just about any WordPress site. If you are handling your own admin, this is probably the WordPress CSS plugin that you should choose. Not only does it offer a good amount of features, it also is designed to be easy to install. There is relatively no configuration required and you don’t have to worry about complex JavaScript files. If ease of use is important to you, this plugin might be best.

2. Easy Custom CSS

If you have a bit more experience with web development and CSS, this plugin is more complex without requiring editing themes. You have the ability to enter your own CSS rules and can alter the total appearance of your site quickly. This plugin is designed to be very functional and it is compatible with nearly every WordPress theme that is active on your site.

3. Browser Specific CSS

With the Browser Specific CSS plugin, website authors have the ability to choose from different web browsers right from the style sheet. One of the best parts about using this plugin is that adding short JavaScript is a breeze. You simply add it to the page head that is enabled with the CSS features. This WordPress plugin is more complex, but the features are worth it. You can get used to the interface fairly quickly.


If simple is what you are after, it doesn’t get any easier than the CSS ME plugin. This plugin allows you to add customized CSS to any post or site page. If you want to alter or update the look of your site in the easiest manner possible, the CSS Me plugin is the best choice for you.

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