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Best Free WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

You are constantly looking for new ways to give you online readers access to meaningful information. WordPress RSS feed plugins can be a great addition to your website, because they make it possible for you to present visitors with links that take them directly to information that they find meaningful. If you want the content on your site to be most relevant and designed to bring convenience to your visitors, a WordPress RSS feed plugin is the perfect solution. It simplifies the process for you and gives visitors of your website many links to choose from centered on topics that they are most interested in.

Why Use RSS Feed Plugins?

You can use a WordPress RSS feed plugin to make feeds from other websites to display news or recent articles that focus on topics most relevant to your target audience Having a site filled with meaningful content and information is important to the overall design of your website and it is made simpler with a WordPress RSS feed plugin. All you have to do is find the RSS feed plugin that will make displaying these feeds simplified.

If you are looking for a WordPress RSS feed plugin that will help you give visitors access to more relevant news and topics, there are a wide variety of WordPress RSS feed plugins that you can choose from. Some have additional features, but all are designed to fit the same purpose. Give careful consideration to the RS feed plugin that you choose to ensure that it is most effective on you site. Here is a quality WordPress RSS feed plugin that you can choose from.

1. NewsBoard


This WordPress RSS feed plugin is extremely popular and highly customizable. This is a fairly simple plugin to use, which is what makes it the ideal choice for most websites. This plugin offers a widget that is designed to display both excerpts and posts. This means that you have the unique ability to use your own posts or add an RS feed that is from a separate website. The best part about this plugin is the aesthetic appeal. It has a visually appealing width that will attract the attention of visitors and will display images, titles and dates of all posts.

You can customize the widget based on your preferences and allow it to match with the overall design of your website. You can alter color, height, width and other settings with ease. The NewsBoard RSS feed plugin has though of everything for you. Short code is even included to make things even simpler. The best part is that you can display this widget on any part of your WordPress site that you choose. The only downside is that this WordPress RSS feed plugin is only useful for those looking to have the RSS feed displayed inside of a widget. If this does not appeal to the overall design of your site, this might not be the RSS feed plugin you should choose.

2. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator

Just like the NewsBoard plugin, the WP RSS Aggregator is one of the most used RRS feed plugins that you can find for your WordPress site. It is ideal for those looking to display both RSS and atom feeds. You have the ability using this RSS feed plugin to display excerpts from other feeds on your website. This means that you can choose feeds from a variety of different sites and add them together to create one feed or list displayed on your own WordPress site.

The ability to take feeds from more than one site is a unique feature of this plugin. You can even use the setting features in this plugin to set actual times when RSS feeds should be imported to your site. This enables you to automatically keep your RSS feed current. You can also customize your RSS feed based on information displayed, the way links open and the date format for display. Customization is at the core of what this plugin provides. It is even possible to use the WP RSS Aggregator plugin to import videos. With a variety of display options, the look of your RSS feed is completely up to you.

3. RSS Feed Parser Pearlbells

The two RSS feed plugins listed above make customization easy. However, the RSS Feed Parser Pearlbells plugin is designed with only ease in mind. Customization gives you many display options, but many find these features difficult to navigate. This plugin is the simple solution for anyone looking for the easiest way to import an RSS feed to their WordPress site. This simple RSS feed plugin works be compiling data from other RSS feeds on other websites and inputting them as a list of excerpts. It could be the simple RSS feed plugin solution you have been searching for.

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