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5 Best Free WordPress Calculator Plugins

Adding a calculator to your website can offer it a multitude of benefits. Depending upon your specific focus, calculators can offer new ways to enhance your website’s functionality and purpose. These plugins can provide users with mortgage quotes, track fitness goals, establish shipping costs for products, and more. The following list of free WordPress calculator plugins outlines some of the various options available to bloggers today.

1. Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form

One of the top calculator plugins actively used today, Calculated Fields Forms supplies bloggers with a way to dynamically integrate calculated fields in their forms. This plugin will automatically calculate all inputted data and supply results associated with various formats such as finance, quotes, booking costs, dates, fitness results, and more. Designed with an easy to use, visual interface, this plugin supports multiple field types for your forms that include drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, numbers, and more.

For new users, several pre built samples are included with this plugin, making it easy to set up. You can duplicate the form or set up conditional rules to follow. Samples available include a lease calculator, pregnancy calculator, ideal weight calculator, booking date calculator, and other simple operations. A premium version is available for this plugin, offering additional add-ons and capabilities with exporting and important forms, displaying submissions made, an appreciation page, and send notification emails to the site administrator.

2. Finance Calculator

Finance Calculator

This simple plugin is a perfect option for business service organizations looking to add a financial calculator to a simple page or post. A simple settings page makes this plugin easy to initiate from the backend. The front end form supplies users with outputs for payment plans based on various lengths of financial time. Additional forms allow visitors to submit applicant details, helping to encourage the potential for new leads.

3. BMI/IMC Calculator

BMI IMC Calculator

For the fitness guru, this BMI/IMC calculator will show results to users related to their body mass index. Calculations are based on the submitted height and weight, displaying data by metric or imperial form. Easily configure from the WordPress administrator panel and dashboard before placing as a widget on your sidebar. Multiple languages are available to use with this plugin, also including shortcodes and additional styling attributes.

4. Easy Calculator

Easy Calculator

Just as the name says, this plugin provides an easy to use basic calculator for your WordPress page. Integrate into any page as a shortcode, php code, or widget for your sidebar. A handy tool for real estate pages, subscription sites, or an early education based website.

5. Inquiry Calc

Inquiry Calc

A newly developed plugin, Inquiry Cacl gives your basic business or service an ability to display final fees and costs directly on their website in real time. Perfect for those responding directly to custom service request or inquiry, this plugin allows the site owner to establish separate costs for each question or condition, add custom currency, and set minimum costs with no hassle. Cost breakdown can be supplied by email or through the online inquiry system.

As the specific answers are changed, the total cost is immediately updated on the site for the user, allowing them to immediately determine what conditions apply to their request. Inquiry questions can be set from the calc menu by the site owner with additional options for general settings and page redirection links.

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