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5 Best Free WordPress Client Login Plugins

With WordPress, finding ways to make your site client friendly can cause some difficulty. First, you need to define what the objective is in communicating with your clients. Sometimes it is best to remove distractions and visual clutter frequently found in the form of menu items, unnecessary widgets, and more. Many plugins are available that aid in cleaning up the dashboard, helping to brand your login page, and simplifying your menu listing. Depending on your need for client login access, the following free WordPress client login plugins are listed below to assist with your search.

1. Custom Login

Custom Login

With more than 80,000 active installs, the Custom Login plugin available for WordPress offers a way to customize your administrative login page for WordPress. This is a great option for client sites, providing added extensions with super user only access. Additionally, users will find five premium extensions available, rich with added features.

These extensions allow for stealth login, aiding with obscuring the login URL to others. New page templates offer options to add login forms to any WordPress page on the site. Other extensions include login redirects, logging in without a password, and additional style packs. The newest released version of this plugin include extensions for two step authentication, submit button styles, and custom login pre made settings templates you can apply to your site.

2. Google Apps Login

Google Apps Login

The Google Apps Login plugin is a great solution to users looking for easier ways to be granted instant access to their WordPress dashboard. No user or password is required with the addition of this plugin, only a one click secure authentication to their Google Account that will log them in. Majority of users are already associated with a Gmail account and have this sign on automatically connected. This plugin allows you to centralize your sites functionality with your added extensions. With a few selections made on the plugin set up page, you can have Google Apps Login ready to go in no time.

3. WP-Members


The WP-Members plugin is a free membership management framework that aids in restricting content to registered users. Perfect for sites that offer premium content, newsletters, and more, this plugin offers scalability for users that want to customize the look and feel of their site while being adaptable to a variety of applications.

An extensive view of features includes the ability to block posts, pages, or both and integrate a sidebar login widget to your site for easy access. Create custom registration and profile fields, show excerpts for improved optimization, and incorporate CAPTCHA upon registration. More than 80 action and filter hooks are available.

4. WP Customer Area

WP Customer Area

This all in one solution is ideal for the management of private content on any WordPress site. Allow the distribution of files or page to multiple users at once with this plugin. With a secure customer area, private pages, and an ability to group certain files together, this plugin offers many options for customization. This is a perfect solution for those that want invoice access, product samples, client portfolios, or more added to their site for third party accessibility.

5. WP-Client Lite

WP-Client Lite

This client portal plugin is great for managing invoices directly from your site. With a few simple components, the WP-Client Lite plugin is the simplistic version of their premium offerings, with features in client sharing, private messages, secure access, and more. Allow clients to directly register on your site and gain access through pre-defined group permissions. Share and access files or perform basic actions.

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