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5 Best Free WordPress Javascript Plugins

Simply put, if you want to have JavaScript features with your WordPress website, you are going to need to look for the right WordPress JavaScript plugin. To those who are new to the world of plugins and WordPress, JavaScript plugins can very quickly become a dense, cumbersome subject. The important thing to remember is that as you consider the various JavaScript plugins available to you, the main goal you want to strive for is the improvement of your WordPress website. From this thought, you are going to want to focus on appearance and functionality.

You can easily find JavaScript plugins that will help you to achieve these twin goals. You simply want to research your options carefully. Read reviews, and discover for yourself whether a certain WordPress JavaScript plugin is ultimately going to be right for what you want to do. It also never hurts to remember that you have a variety of free plugins to consider. The point being that you may not have to pay for a plugin that will give you the enhancements you’re looking for.

Good JavaScript plugins for WordPress can be used in both Standard Themes and Child Themes. You are looking for plugins that remove any filter that prevents unwanted code in post content areas, which exists to secure the protection of a user. With that thought in mind, here are some of the best WordPress JavaScript plugins that you can try.

1. HTML JavaScript Adder

HTML JavaScript Adder

Some would consider this JavaScript plugin to be quite essential. Through this particular offering, you will have the ability to insert HTML, a shortcode, a JavaScript, a flash-embed code, an advertisement, or even a piece of ordinary text. All of these can be inserted in your sidebar with limitless widgets. You are also going to have the ability to utilize advanced targeting for a page or a post. Use the advanced setting to target the widget in a page or a post. You can also find unique settings that will make it possible to hide or show a widget in differing specific pages of your site. This plugin supports twelve languages, and it comes with AW Quick Tag Toolbar, which allows you to edit a code in a widget.

2. Artiss Code Embed

Artiss Code Embed

The ability to effortlessly work at embedding code, HTML, and JavaScript primarily in one of your WordPress site posts is a good one to have. For example, if you wanted to embed a video in one of your WordPress site posts, you are certainly going to need a plugin that can make this possible in straightforward fashion. Consider Artiss Code Embed to make things easier on you. Embedding widgets is easy with this plugin, thanks to the exceptional Widget Logic function. The global embedding feature is really nice, as well. With this component, you will have the ability to establish code or an assortment of codes in a page or posts, and then get to the code or codes at a different post or page. If you need to make changes to the identifier or to a keyword, you can use the modify feature to make that happen. You can even use this plugin for embedding external scripts straight from the source URL, and then creating basic suffixes for the embedded codes to make video outputs that will respond accordingly.

3. Zia3 CSS JS


If you need to have further JavaScript and CSS defined on an individual basis to a post or page, you will definitely want to look into this JavaScript plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, any administrator or post author can define JavaScript and CSS to show posts, pages, or reference-CSS files that are to be integrated in-line. These JavaScript and CSS files will first appear in post or page headings. You will note that these are listed in an ordered format. You can define this format in the settings for the plugin. If you choose to define the setting of this plugin, you will be able to add any in-line JavaScript or CSS file to the head of your posts or pages.

4. Async JS and CSS

You may find it extremely useful to have a plugin that makes it possible to have all scripts loaded through other plugins loaded in an asynchronous fashion. You will find that this plugin utilizes a process that is quite similar to Google PageSpeed Insights Recommends. Each CSS file will be inserted in-line into your content code, or it will be at the document start to the document end, prior to any closing body-tags.

5. Allow JavaScript In Text Widgets

You can use this JavaScript plugin for WordPress to have all the default text widgets replaced with a singular widget. You can then use this singular widget to accomplish simple tasks that would otherwise require you to seek out and download/purchase another plugin.

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