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6 Best Free WordPress Linkedin Plugins

LinkedIn has worked hard to establish themselves as the definitive social media experience for business professionals. While it is true that some people prefer a combination of social media outlets to craft their business persona in the online world, there is no question that LinkedIn has become enormously popular with those who want a social media experience that focuses exclusively on networking and other business endeavors.

Adding LinkedIn plugins to your WordPress is a good idea. However, you will want to consider carefully the sort of audience you are trying to reach. If you understand implicitly that your audience would love to have the opportunity to connect to and interact with your LinkedIn profile, then you absolutely must take advantage of this list of the top WordPress LinkedIn plugins. When it comes to finding the best LinkedIn plugins for Wordperss here are a few that you should consider.

1. LinkedIn Master

LinkedIn Master

Utilizing this particular plugin, you will have the ability to publish both personal and business LinkedIn pages on any of your WordPress sites. Keep in mind that this plugin comes in both free and premium versions. The premium version allows you to publish vertical or horizontal badges on any WP page you desire. The premium version will costs more, if you choose to publish these badges across several different WordPress sites. You will also like that the premium version makes it possible to embed LinkedIn Company Profiles, in addition to Company Inside widget.

2. LinkedIn Profile Badge

LinkedIn Profile Badge

Simply put, LinkedIn Profile Badge gives you the straightforward ability to display your unique LinkedIn badge. You will have the ability to display this badge virtually anywhere on your WordPress site or sites. One of the best components to this badge is the fact that from an aesthetic point of view, it will work nicely with just about any WordPress site imaginable. The small rectangle will feature a thumbnail of your LinkedIn profile image, along with your name, your title/company, and even your present location. You will then be able to feature this button in a variety of places on your WordPress site. Visitors who click on the button will then be taken to your complete LinkedIn profile.

3. WP LinkedIn

This is easily one of the best WordPress LinkedIn plugins there is. It is certainly one that many people would consider to be essential. Through this plugin, you will be able to feature your LinkedIn profile across many different portions of your website through embedding. You will also want to note that this plugin comes with a variety of embeds that give you the ability to have your LinkedIn recommendations embedded across various areas of your website. With this plugin, you will be able to have your LinkedIn profile embedded at the bottom of your posts. In addition to this, you can also create a LinkedIn badge that will showcase your name and company. You can even add a recommendations scroll.

4. FB LinkedIn Resume

Interested in having your entire LinkedIn profile published onto your website. You are definitely going to want to take a long look at this particular plugin. You can feature the entire profile, or you can simply pick and choose which parts of your profile are going to be featured on your Word Press website. Simply download and install the plugin. After you install the plugin, you can alter its options as you see fit.

5. LinkedIn Auto Publish

The nice thing about this plugin is the way it makes publishing a breeze. Use this plugin to post to your social site from any WordPress site you are currently utilizing. More intriguing is the fact that this plugin isn’t simply limited to basic publishing. This plugin also endeavors to give you a series of additional options. For example, you can filter which posts will actually appear on your LinkedIn profile. For publishing control, this is certainly a formidable tool to have in your corner.

6. WP LinkedIn/BuddyStream Integration

Use this WP LinkedIn plugin to have your WP/LinkedIn and BuddyStream plugins integrated with your WP website or websites. It is also possible to have more than one profile displayed. These are some of the heavy hitter options that are available to you. Combine WordPress with your LinkedIn profile, and you will have a powerful combination for your business interests.

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