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5 Best Free WordPress Library Plugins

=A busy or an expansive website will always need a library. You may want a page wherein you can have all your links or categories and then the subsets, menus and submenus and everything that you have on your site to be organized and kept in a sorted manner for easy retrieval or reference. You may not host this section, you could use it purely for backend or you may have some sections of such a feature available on the site for general convenience. Here are the five best WordPress library plugins to use.

1. Link Library

Link Library

This plugin allows you to have a list of link categories and a complete list of links with notes and descriptions. The plugin will help you to create a webpage that has your entire inventory with all its backdrops and details and there will be a search bar facilitating easy spotting of the file or information you need. Some of the features of this plugin are a library in table form with search box and link submission form, library in unordered list form with RSS feed icons, library in unordered list form with RSS feed icons and Pagination, library only showing one category at a time through AJAX queries, library in unordered list form with 1 full RSS item per feed inline and 5 RSS item full previews when selecting preview icon.

2. Media Library Assistant

Media Library Assistant

The Media Library Assistant is ideal for managing the media library. You can have a gallery of images, customize the gallery and also include posts and pages and any type of enhancements. You can choose the different sets of factors to categorize the whole library.

3. Enhanced Media Library

Enhanced Media Library

This is another plugin purposed to manage media files. You would get media taxonomies, have unlimited tags and categories, you can define the taxonomy parameters, have custom categories as well which are not within the preset ambit and this plugin is compatible with other plugins so you wouldn’t have a problem with your site’s performance.

4. Gmedia Gallery

Gmedia Gallery

This plugin comes with a photo gallery, music and video player, media library and image slider. You can manage all your galleries, slideshows, content and multimedia files using this plugin.

5. Use Google Libraries

This plugin has more than a hundred thousand active users. That and the brand name are two good enough reasons to try this plugin.

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